VIDEO: At least 4 dead and 6 wounded in shooting at private party in California

The events occurred on Sunday evening.

Sky News video capture

A group of family and friends gathered in a courtyard on Sunday to watch a football game, but a gunman arrived at the scene and began shooting, killing four young men and wounding six others.

According to the Fresno, California Police, between 35 and 40 people were in the house, including several children, when the suspect began shooting right and left. The subject remains free.

"Someone came walking, possibly at least one suspect and started shooting"confirmed the deputy police director of Fresno, Michael Reid. "They shot towards the backyard, where most people were at this party, reaching 10 people."

The events occurred after 7:00 p.m. and the lifeguards arrived after several calls to 911. The scenario they found was three dead and several fallen. The death of a seriously injured person was declared at the Regional Medical Center of the Community.

Reports indicate that the majority of victims are 25 and 30 year old Asian men. Most victims are not in danger, Reid said.

Police are looking for surveillance images that help locate the suspect who, so far, is believed to have operated alone.


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