The objective is to reduce the congestion of cars in the terminals when going by a passenger to the airport

Passengers' habit of finding taxis and waiting for shared travel vehicles – such as Uber and Lyft – outside any terminal of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) was terminated on Tuesday, October 29.

From now on, all passengers who need to be picked up by this type of transport can find it in LA-Exit (LAX-it), a lot located on the east side of Terminal 1 in the lower zone – that is, in the arrival area ( arrivals).

"All those who have passed through the LAX know the traffic (which can be experienced) in the central area of ​​the terminals … And we have heard from our users that the current system to pick up travelers can be frustrating," he said in a statement Keith Wilschetz, director was deputy of Operations and Emergency Management of Los Angeles World Airports. (LAWA).

"LAX-it will provide a simple and efficient experience for passengers who use taxis and travel services for cell phone applications, as well as reducing traffic jams between terminals for those arriving and leaving the LAX," he added.

Taxis and shared travel service (such as Lyft and Uber) will be at LAX-it, a lot located in the lower area (ie the arrivals area) right next to Terminal 1 as in the image above.

How does it work?

From 3:00 a.m. Yesterday, those passengers who left their flights in search of a taxi, an Uber or a Lyft had to walk or take a shuttle or bus to LAX-it.

If you are in Terminal 1, it could take you up to 3 minutes to walk to the LAX-it area. Now if you are between Terminal 2 to 8, then the walk can be extended up to eight minutes, according to its website.

Now, if you prefer to save the exercise. The other option is to take the shuttle — a colorful green bus that offers free transportation and runs every three to five minutes.

As indicated by the airport authorities, the shuttle will only stop at two terminals and reach the LAX-it area in a maximum of 15 minutes.

They also said there will be staff to help raise and lower suitcases; as well as assistance for those with disabilities.

The LAX-it area has hygienic services, places to charge electronic equipment (such as cell phones, tablets and others) and Wi-Fi connection.

This service will remain operational until 2023, the year in which it is expected to inaugurate a train that makes access easier.

The change only applies to those arriving on a flight to LAX, if you are leaving, they can leave you as always in the upper zone (in departures).

For more information on how the new LAX-it system works visit:


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