Thursday with record heat in Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California

Travelers who love the angel city, try to live the experience as a celebrity.

Joel Mott / Unsplash

The dry and moderately warm February California lives will reach its peak this Thursday.

The Downtown Los Angeles I could live up to 86ºF of temperature, something unusual since the average at this height of the year is 69ºF. In the Long Beach area the thermometer could mark 87ºF, while in Burbank it would be 85ºF. Records may be reached or exceeded.

In Orange County temperatures are expected 20 degrees above normal.

The current winter has been distinguished by the low rainfall, which alarms the authorities about the possibility of a drought. And if the rains do not arrive there will be a more extensive fire risk season.

"The decrease in rainfall we have seen here throughout the winter greatly affects the probability of ignition, and the rapid rate of spread that we see later in the autumn months," the fire captain of the Los Angeles County Tony Imbrenda. "We are definitely worried and we're in a hurry for the bush season right now, it's a year-round effort for us these days."

The temperature would drop to four degrees on Friday. Expected rain in the region for sunday.


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