They will house homeless people… in mobile homes!

The California government announced a new program to help homeless people with mobile homes.

Office of Governor Gavin Newsom / Courtesy

This Tuesday begins the annual count from "Homeless" or homeless that inhabit the Los Angeles County, announced the authorities. The count will last three days and will be carried out in a staggered manner throughout the area.

In 2019, the count threw the outrageous figure from 58,936 homeless in the county, of which 36,300 they lived in the Los Angeles city. Although the effort to make the count requires many resources and the work of many volunteers, the statistics have been criticized for its inaccuracy, because it only shows an estimate or approximation, since many homeless people they sleep in their cars or in the friends sofa, and are very difficult to include in the count.

All in all, the numbers have alerted the authorities, who have been implementing measures to counteract the housing crisis and people in street situations.

For example, just last week, the State governor, Gavin Newsomannounced a new program for give temporary shelter to the homeless … but in trailers. “Resolving the homeless crisis is important for the entire population of California. That is why we are taking a step more than ever before and deploying resources throughout the state to address the crisis, ”he said at a presentation event of the mobile trucks.

At least 15 trailers Y tents with medical services were delivered in the city of Oakland, to the north of the state, to show an example of the resources that will be reaching the entire state. The government will provide at least 100 more trailers, in the first phase of the program.


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