This request is not usual: sheriffs ask thieves to at least return the body

They stole a car in Pasadena ... with a corpse inside

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

The Lincoln Navigator car from a funeral home with a woman's body in the back was stolen from a church in Pasadena, say the Los Angeles Sheriff's (LASD) agents.

Los Angeles County sheriff's agents were looking for the hearse, which was stolen outside the Church of San Antonio, on Rosemead Boulevard, just after 8 p.m., ABC 7 reports.

The Sheriff's Department tweeted a plea for the suspect to return the vehicle, or at least the body inside:

“For the suspect (s) driving in a stolen Black Lincoln Navigator of the 700 blk of Rosemead Bl just after 8 p.m. today in #Pasadena: of all the bad decisions they made, at least make a good decision and bring back the deceased person and the coffin inside the Navigator. ”

The Greek Orthodox Church of San Antonio was celebrating a prayer service called Trisagion on Wednesday night, often held the night before a funeral in the Greek Orthodox tradition. A funeral was scheduled for the morning.

The authorities, however, say that the body of the woman who was robbed was not associated with the service, but I was in a mortuary vehicle I was detained in the church at the same time.

Initial reports said a body and a coffin were stolen, but later sources said the stolen body was not in a coffin.


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