Thanks to the fact that the license plate was at the scene of the incident, the California Highway Patrol managed to identify the possible driver

They identify the driver of the Mercedes who killed two pedestrians in a ‘hit and run’ in Westmont

Adolfo Flores Jr. Suspected of being the driver of the Mercedes.

California Highway Patrol

On the night of Tuesday, September 24, around 8:30, two pedestrians died because a driver who exceeded the speed limits ran over them, fleeing the scene.

But nevertheless, the strong impact left a key piece to solve the terrible crime: the license plate. This detail did not end up being minor, as this element allowed the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to identify the alleged Mercedes driver. Is about Adolfo Flores Jr, 38 years old. The man is wanted on suspicion of murder and escape.

The victims were identified as Felipe de Jesús Ruíz Parra, 47, and Danny Torres, of 21. The accident occurred between Normandie Avenue and 95th Street. The two men lived in the area.

The Mercedes was found a few blocks from the scene, but the driver was not found. The authorities also went to the residence of the suspect and did not find him.


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