The authorities always said that the injuries did not correspond to a simple accident in the water

The Los Angeles County Sheriff arrested the parents of a four-year-old boy who died last July.

According to NBC 4, the parents of Noah Four They said his son had drowned in the pool of the apartment complex. However, the agents who arrived at the scene noticed suspicious wounds that led to further investigation.

The minor was airborne at Palmdale Regional Medical Center and then to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles where he died on July 6.

There are no further details about the charges against the parents. Little Noah's autopsy is still pending.

According to the information, the Department of Children and Families was aware of Noah's welfare since he was born. A judge approved in May to take custody of the child from the parents, but the order was never executed.

Some relatives have always defended parents over versions of abuse, but great-grandmother Eva Hernández, who took care of the child at various times, said the child did not want to live with his parents again.


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