Women's Economic Empowerment Summit explores options that make communities aware of benefits that belong to them

The Tax Credit campaign seeks to bring financial security to more families

Laura Barrera (i), director of Golden State Opportunity (GSO) and Elizabeth Cervantes, financial trainer at MAOF. . (Aurelia Ventura / The Opinion)

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

Dozens of people gathered he Friday at center of the Angels for share knowledge from how explain Y offer the Benefits publichow watch out childish, taxes, foods-Y credits prosecutors to the homes from low Y medium income.

This was part of the "Second Annual Women's Economic Empowerment Summit: Building Public Benefits and Tax Credits" which had more than 40 nonprofit organizations, foundations, municipal agencies and other allies of the county and the city of Los Angeles .

Laura Barrera, director from Golden State Opportunity (GSO), creators of the Bell Credit Tax by Entry of the Job from California (CalEITC4Me), said that he objective is continue expanding the advocacy for to make a toast security financial to plus families.

CalEITC4Me is a state campaign whose objectives are to raise awareness of the first tax credit for income from work to benefit working families in California, increase the availability of free local tax preparation services, and ensure that the credit returns to working families

"He state from California has supported much he effort from expand who is eligible for East Program" Indian Barrier. "Initially only the people of low income qualified. I was limited and in East year have included to people greater of 65 years that they work and people minors of the 18 years that be working"

The "Second Annual Women's Economic Empowerment Summit: Building Public Benefits and Tax Credits" had more than 40 non-profit organizations, foundations, municipal agencies and other allies of the county and the city of Los Angeles. (Aurelia Ventura / The Opinion)

Barrera added that it doesn't matter if people work time full or part time.

"By example, yes a mother works during days holidays in a job temporary, too may qualify for East benefit which is based on the preparation from taxes" said Barrier. "He state Not only expanded who is eligible but too increase $ 1,000 additional for people who they have children from 0 to 6 years"

Eight of every ten Dollars from Cal EITC they go to the parents of agreement with the board of Taxes from Franchises. In combination with the federal EITC and the Credit tax federal by sons, these refunds prosecutors valuable they can increase he entry annual of 70% parents to plus of 90%, according a analysis from the Center of Budget Y Politics Of California.

In the past 4 years, CalEITC4Me helped 4 million low-income families claim $ 4 billion through state and federal EITC.

Help in watch out from children and information to immigrants

Other competitor it was the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF), the which works with families from low means mainly with programs from kindergarten.

Isaías Hernández, director community from developing with MAOF, said that they support the services public Y means what's in the community and that the people to times no knows.

"What we want to do is work with other organizations, the county and other elected officials to see how we can work together to provide these services to the people who qualify, but are not receiving them," said Hernandez.

The community director said MAOF's biggest service is assistance in public day care centers and with private workers.

"In Los Angeles County we have more than 5,000 children in our daycare centers daily," said Hernandez. "Notros primarily serve the east and southeast Los Angeles area."

MAOF recently started an immigration program due to the endless questions of the immigrant community as to whether, if they obtained certain benefits, they could be affected by “the public charge”.

Elizabeth Cervantes, financial trainer at MAOF, said she is in charge of the tax program and has also seen the fear of families when it comes time to claim credits.

"We us we commission from inform them Y prepare their taxes" said Cervantes

By example, one of the Doubts plus common is to know yes a person undocumented with sons citizens may claim the credits in their taxes

"Before could but not now, ”said Cervantes.

Isaías Hernández is community development director with MAOF. (Aurelia Ventura / The Opinion)

Sandra Lyon, GSO state director said women are working harder than ever in Los Angeles County, but they still have a hard time getting ahead.

"Close of 30% of women at county that they live in the poverty is it so employed, and the rate from poverty for the women here is plus high that the averages state Y nationals" said Lyon "To the same weather, we know that the Benefits public and the credits prosecutors, how he Credit Tax by Entry of the Job, they can help at women to move along in their careers, support to his families Y reach the stability financial"

Through this summit, organizations that work with local communities are expected to be more empowered, informed and in touch with contacts to find out how to help each other better.

"To the to work together, we can do plus for make sure of what have the information and the support for that they need for to take advantage of the means that already exist for help them to to flourish" Indian Lyon


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