The inauguration of the new premises of The Ecole by the Consule Générale Anne-Claire Legendre, with Laurence and Philippe Roux and Yves Rivault, the founding director.

The worst is never certain… It seemed far away, this Monday evening, when the French School of New York seemed threatened, weakened by the most precarious financial health. It was just over two years ago. And to see the brand new premises inaugurated this Monday, forever.

Meanwhile, a couple of “benefactors” have arrived at the head of the school (they prefer the term to that of owners), Philippe and Laurence Roux who, in 2017 bought the school before transforming it into a goal organization non-profit. Since then, they have changed the name (it is now The School) and, after trying to move, have taken over the neighboring premises, which housed the LBT restaurant, to double the size of the establishment.

“Having great facilities, modern and practical premises is crucial, notes Philippe Roux. Private schools are very expensive in Manhattan, for sure, but at the same time the standards are high, people want the best. With these new premises, we are even more competitive ”. One year after the signing of the new lease, the five months of work were carried out with beating drums, financed entirely by donation (the Roux in this case, but who do not wish to confirm it, or give any amount). The students of The School will therefore now benefit from a large activity room (called “the courtyard”), a fully equipped science laboratory and several classrooms.

The premises will be occupied from January, but initially the pupils will be at ease: with the increase in the reception capacity passes from 220 to 360 pupils, a ceiling which will take several years to reach. The school will also remain spread over two locations, with the 206 Fifth Avenue building continuing to accommodate kindergarten classes.

Co-founder of the establishment (with Clyde Javois, who died last summer and was honored by the break of a plaque on the occasion of the inauguration) ten years ago, Yves Rivault remembered this first comeback of 2009 "With 22 students … Today we have 215, but with a ratio of one teacher for 6 to 8 students that remains exceptional".

The School now welcomes pupils from kindergarten (3 years old) to 4th (or 8th grade). In parallel to this inauguration, the establishment also announced the launch of scholarships intended to offer education to 3 deserving students in middle school. "It is a question of welcoming in particular children who have been in public bilingual programs but who very often no longer have a bilingual solution after CM2". The scholarships will be awarded by competition. Applicants, who must be bilingual, can submit their applications until February 22. (More information by email here).


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