Its owners want it to be an inclusive place, so they say that coffee is aimed at people who consume regularly as well as those who do not

This Tuesday will open Lowell Farms Cafe, in West Hollywood. The inauguration of this coffee is a singular fact, since it is the first space of this type in the United States. People who decide to visit this new space can find a wide variety of food, drinks and cannabis.

"We wanted to break the stigma against cannabis, so we created an environment where people will be able to consume comfortably and also enjoy a great meal," said coffee manager Lily Estanislao. The owners of this revolutionary space seek to be a welcoming establishment for those who are cannabis connoisseurs and for those who are simply curious and looking to have a new experience.

Lowell Farms Cafe is located at 1201 La Brea Avenue.

Upon entering the establishment, there will be a Flower host, a cannabis sommelier, who will be ready to help customers their type of cannabis, based on its taste and effect. The owners of the place are aware that for many beginners, this can be overwhelming.

‘We want to make people feel that we are willing to help. I don't want my knowledge to make someone feel uncomfortable. I want to be able to have a conversation with them and I hope that when they leave here they feel more secure about their personal relationship with cannabis, ”said Bianca, one of the Flower Hosts

The Flower Hosts They are also provided for smoking when necessary, while coffee also has available bongs and other items necessary to consume cannabis in the best way.

In addition to groceries such as gummies or chocolate, the law prohibits coffee from preparing food with cannabis in its own kitchen. But the chef in charge of the kitchen, Andrea Drummer, who also attended the famous gastronomic institute Le Cordon Bleu, He designed a menu that will improve the cannabis experience, which can increase the taste and smell of customers.

“We have a great variety, from healthy salads, to macaroni and cheese and hamburgers. We wanted to take risks and make the whole experience high, ”said Estanislao.

The coffee hopes to attract tourists from different parts of the world to California, especially those in their places of origin where they do not allow cannabis to be used recreationally.

Lowell Farms Cafe is the first of eight such establishments that are scheduled to open in West Hollywood.

In order to enter coffee, customers must be at least 21 years old, so they have a medical marijuana card.


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