The objective is to get to know each other better and start the dialogue between Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in the US.

The Consulate of Mexico starts a series of talks to unite the communities

The consulate of Mexico in Los Angeles invites the community to participate in the talks that begin on February 20. (Archive)

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

In an effort to continue creating bonds of union between Mexicans and Mexican-Americans (Latinos) living in Los Angeles, the Consulate General of Mexico in this city will be presenting a series of talks that will talk about what unites and divides them, and of the past, present and future of both communities.

The initiative of the Consul General Marcela Celorio "From victims to protagonists: the Mexican community in Los Angeles" is to reflect on the ties that unite Mexico and the United States as well as the elements that divide them.

Fabiola García Rubio, consul of academic cooperation at the consulate of Mexico, said that this cycle of five conversations is aimed at giving information to the community and making more informed decisions.

"We want to create a stronger relationship between Mexico and the United States," said Consul Rubio.

The first conversation will take place this February 20 from 6 in the afternoon under the theme "The Californians and their history."

Consul Rubio said that here the attendees will know the origin of California that dates from when it belonged to Spain, later to Mexico and in 1848 when it was delivered to the United States.

"We want people to know their origin," said the consul.

In conversation number two — no date stipulated yet — it will be that of “Spaniards and Mexicans; the encounter continues ”. Here we will talk about the relationship between Spain and Mexico and its long-standing history.

"Because now it seems that we are like brothers who do not speak, but we want to recover this dialogue," said Rubio.

All conversations will have representatives from the community, from academics, businessmen, chefs, entrepreneurs, diplomats, reporters, and artists.

Other topics in the talks include how to build a community in Los Angeles, gastronomy and the destination that awaits Mexicans and Latinos abroad.

"If they realize we have a chronological order in the conservatories, we want to be in the present, but with a vision towards the future," said Rubio. "We want poverty and lack of education to no longer be synonymous with Latinos and Mexicans."

Rubio added that conservatories are open to the public, regardless of the country of origin, and are free. During these events there will also be a video booth where people can express their opinions through this medium.

"Then we will disseminate them at the consulate where people can meet and others can be reflected with the comments," said Consul Rubio.

Those interested in participating are asked to send an email to or call (213) 351-6800 ext. 2521


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