After New York, Washington is the second American city to have Kayser bakeries.

His passage in the American capital was short. The Maison Kayser Bakery will close its two locations in Washington D.C after seventeen months of service, according to the Eater Specialty website. We can continue to enjoy bread and pastries until Friday, August 16th. House Kayser did not respond to our request for comment on the reasons for these closures.

Established in the United States since 2012, the French brand had quickly found a place in New York, where it has seventeen bakeries. At the inauguration of his new outlets in Washington in February 2018, Eric Kayser recalled in his speech: "We are first and foremost artisans, we make the dough and bake it on the spot. We can say that we are post-traditional. " The first Kayser House (1345 F St. NW) opened on February 8, and the other (650 Massachusetts Ave. NW) a few days later.


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