The fear of ‘government’ on the part of some people could affect the 10-year count figures in North Hollywood, a community north of downtown Los Angeles.

The “terror” of the most vulnerable people, such as Latinos without documents, could have an impact on many not collaborating in producing “accurate” figures in the 2020 National Census.

The city of Los Angeles has 15 districts of which, according to the Census Bureau, in 7 of them it is “difficult” to carry out the national population count due to a “Low Response Score” (LRS).

One of those neighborhoods is North Hollywood where according to 2000 Census figures and estimates from the Los Angeles Department of Planning are more than 87,000 residents in the area.

Of which 6 out of 10 people are Hispanic, many of them frightened.

"We must not be afraid to answer the Census questions," a day laborer told La Opinion, who identified himself with the fictitious name of Eugenio Marroquín.

While he was waiting for “some employer” who needed his skills to work “whatever”, in the parking lot of the “Home Depot” hardware store on Sherman Way, he said he has resided in North Hollywood for 17 years.

That is why he responded to the 2010 Census and will do the same this year.

"Not being informed causes fear," said Marroquin, originally from Guatemala.

"Many are afraid to participate because Donald Trump said he would put the question of whether one is a citizen," said the worker about the question removed from the questionnaire by the Supreme Court.

The Opinion tried to talk with at least a dozen day laborers in the same place, but declined to answer if they "are informed" about the 2020 Census.

The Guatemalan worker who did respond, with ways of union leader, stressed that "you have to learn how the system works here, so you have to participate in the Census."

Marroquín urged to answer the questions from the Census by mail, by phone or via the Internet "if you do not want to be knocked on the door".

The day laborer suggested to the promoters of the 2020 Census that it is necessary to emphasize that "the Census office has nothing to do with migra".

The 2020 Census began with the counting of rural communities in Alaska on January 21.

From March 30 to April 1, they will work on the "difficult" task of counting homeless people in streets, parks or parking lots where many sleep in vehicles.

In the count of people “homeless” 2019, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), indicates that 620 residents in homelessness roam in North Hollywood.

Beginning on the first day of April, all American households must have the 2020 Census questionnaire.

Nury Martínez, president of the Los Angeles city council, represents District 6 covering part of North Hollywood.

The first Latin president in the entire history of the Angelino municipal council knows that in the 2020 Census its "hard-to-tell" residents are more "reluctant" to participate because of Trump's "failed" citizenship question.

"The damage has already been done," said Martinez, who tried to reverse the "panic effect" in undocumented workers advised that "they have nothing to fear."

The Mexican-born councilor said that each immigrant showed "immense courage" for "a better life for themselves and their children" by emigrating from their place of origin.

And the Census is for "that you, your children and your community have the funds they deserve," Martínez said.

From May to July Census teams will visit the homes of people who did not respond.

Gloria Saucedo, director of the Centro México organization, told La Opinión that her entity will participate in “house by house” so that “our people” collaborate in responding.

“Many people think that on the form you have to tell the government: I am here; but without papers, ”said Saucedo.

That "distrust" is one of the reasons why he believes that, in his area of ​​activism, North Hollywood and Van Nuys, it is more difficult for the Census to receive the answers.

"The Census is to return to us in public services the taxes we pay those we have and we have no documents," he said.

For her part, Patricia Ramos, spokeswoman for the Regional Census Center in Los Angeles, told La Opinión that the count is to know how many people live in the cities to allocate "the right budget to hospitals or schools."

Ramos implored undocumented people to "please be confident to respond to the Census."

North Hollywood

“North Hollywood” is a neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley in which according to the most recent figures (2008) of the Los Angeles Department of Planning the population is 87,241.

In the 2010 Census, to which 77,848 residents responded, the ethnic segments in the area of ​​5.87 square miles were: 57.7% Latino; 27% non-Hispanic whites; 5.7% Asians and 5.6% African Americans, among others.

Among the Latin majority of North Hollywood, 36,144 were born abroad of which 43.2% are from Mexico and 16% from El Salvador, among others.

The average household income is $ 42,791 which is the same throughout the city of Los Angeles.

The purpose of the 2020 Census is to know the current figures.


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