(Partner Article) While many expatriates take advantage of their stay in France to buy local products that can not be found in the United States, very few non-residents think of tax-freeing them when they return to their country of expatriation. And for good reason: tedious steps discourage more than one.

The ZappTax mobile app offers an alternative, allowing you to to tax all your purchases made in France, in all simplicity, from your smartphone.

Tax off your products purchased in France: a right for any expatriate outside U.E.

Did you know that as an expatriate outside the European Union, you have the right to recover the VAT of 20% paid on all your purchases made in France?

Unfortunately, while this represents considerable savings, the standard tax rebate procedure is so complex that it discourages 85% of expatriates from benefiting from it. Refunds are slow, commission rates are high, and the customer has to fill out slips with each business (a service that small organizations rarely offer).

With ZappTax, tax your purchases in minutes from your smartphone

Faced with all these limitations, ZappTax brings you a solution that is both simple and fast. This Franco-Belgian start-up, based in Europe and China, offers a free mobile application, which allows you to tax your purchases, in a few simple steps. Compared to the standard tax refund, ZappTax allows you to:

1 / Save time : just download your bills directly to the application.

2 / Tax-free all your products :
– Whatever their price, provided you reach a total purchase amount greater than 175 €.
– Purchased in Any trade in France (pharmacies, supermarkets, department stores, local shops …),
– Purchased in store but also online, as soon as they are delivered in France.

3 / To benefit from the most competitive repayment rates of the market.

4 / To make you refund within 24 hours, via the method of payment of your choice (bank transfer, PayPal, Alipay, WeChat …)

5 / To be guided and accompanied by advisors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via a chat on the mobile app.

ZappTax allows you to save money on all your purchases in France, whatever they are: local products, supermarket products, clothing, cosmetics, luxury goods, pharmacy and hygiene items not found in the United States, articles for children, books in French, etc.

How to tax with ZappTax?

The great added value of ZappTax compared to the traditional tax rebate system is especially itsimplicit use and the fact that it works in all the shops of France, all over the territory. You can thus refund the VAT of your purchases by following these steps:

1 / When you buy in France, ask for invoices on behalf of Zapptax
2 / Take a picture of them and download them on the mobile app
3 / Print and sign the tax refund slip sent by ZappTax in your mailbox and including all your purchases
4 / Make scan the barcode from the bordereau to a PABLO terminal or by a customs agent at the airport, when leaving France
5 / Get your refund within 24 hours

ZappTax works for all your purchases made in France, but also in Spain, the United Kingdom and Belgium.

The Zapptax mobile app is available for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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