Court rules against a business that promised to help in immigration cases, says the victim

Foreign legal consultant Víctor Virueña, secretary of Hispano Services Inc. – a business that this month a judge ordered to pay Cristina Hernández $ 245,320 for violating the immigration consultants act – argued that the allegations against him in the article published on October 16 by La Opinion, are "false accusations" to "damage your reputation."

In an email sent by Virueña to this reporter, he indicated that “no judge” ordered him to “pay any amount to Mrs. Hernández” and that his name has been mentioned “in bad faith” by her and by her lawyer, Rosa Elena Sahagún.

The email was sent three days after the reporter offered him the right to the reply to which he had not replied after the closing of the edition.

Virueña added that the judge's resolution "does not include it."

Judge Mickie Elaine Reed of the Superior Court of California in Riverside County indicates that Hispano Services Inc., also known as Hispano Services, must pay Hernandez the amount previously mentioned, including $ 50,000 for emotional damage.

According to data from the state of California, Virueña has registered four businesses, including Hispano Services. Three previous businesses, Hispano Services, Hispano Services Community Organization and Hispano Services Community Based Organization, were suspended by the Franchise Tax Board for failing to file tax returns.

Viruena claimed not to be a notary. However, an affidavit filed by José Luis Gutiérrez Vargas, Hernández's husband, on August 28, 2014, confirms that it once was since it contains its rubric as a notary public, with commission number 2017384, expired on April 1 of 2017

The consultant Víctor Virueña

Currently, Virueña said he has "various licenses" that allow him to work in several legal fields.

“I am one of the few Mexican lawyers who have the certification of the Bar of California‘ Foreign Legal Consultant ’,” he said.

He added that “I have duly registered with the California Secretary of State a Consultant Immigration bond. Academically I have a Master's Degree in Law from Washington University, one of the most prestigious in the country and I am currently studying my PhD at the UIC ”.

In the letter, he said that Hernández was never his client in immigration matters and that she contacted him to represent her "in a case of land dispute in his native Guanajuato (Mexico)."

"She never suffered an assault as she says in the article, her injuries were the result of the fight she had with her own family regarding the property and she returned illegally to the United States of her own free will," Virueña said in her letter.

“She is using these accusations for a judge to grant her immigration benefits. I have nothing to do with it. ”

He concluded by arguing that lawyer Sahagun "has had a personal problem" with him for several years.

"It's a bully that has taken our personal conflicts to the media spreading false news that has affected my reputation."

The case in Riverside

In this week's article, under the name of 'Immigration fraud is not unpunished', it was said that after three years of hearings Judge Mickie Elaine Reed of the Superior Court of Riverside ruled in favor of Cristina Hernández in her case of migration .

Hernandez, who is originally from Mexico, said he had consulted Victor Virueña about his immigration case, as he was trying to win a marriage petition.

(Image left.) Lawyer Rosa Elena Sahagún (i) with Cristina Hernández.

He added that Virueña told him that he would request a hearing in Ciudad Juarez to ask for forgiveness for his case but that when she returned, she ended up locked up in an Immigration Center in Arizona.

For her part, lawyer Sahagun said she understood Virueña's "courage" since her actions were "shameful" when she was exposed to the community, which represents the "drought of her gold mine."

“I shared and will continue to share abuses to our community. My actions are not personal against Virueña. If he didn't want to be exposed, he shouldn't have fooled anyone. Everything we have said about him is proven, ”said the lawyer.


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