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(Partner Article) Ameristar Groupe, founded by Antoine Gendre during the real estate crisis that hit Florida in 2008, continues to appeal to the French and, more broadly, investors around the world.

Why such a success story? "Type on Google "rental investment in the US" and you will understand. A multitude of companies offer their services with rates of return to piss off all wealth managers. MEven though Ameristar Groupe has gone through this period, the company has taken a turn for two years. Today, we focus on our clients' primary needs of transparency, expertise and simplicity", Explains Antoine Gendre.

This is his first asset. Ameristar Groupe favors total transparency, by provisioning and forecasting future fees (and unpaid potential). The goods sold by the company still receive the 10% profitability. "Ebetween 7 and 10% to be exact, says Antoine Gendre. Nothing is left to chance and these rates of return have something to dream about when compared to a booklet A or a financial investment bank". A very attractive American tax system helps.

Over time, Ameristar Groupe has acquired real expertise in the Section 8 plan, which guarantees the payment of rents (similar to the French CAF) and now offers 80% of its eligible real estate in Section 8.

The company also manages the entire investment process with "turn-key" offers. His French-speaking team of more than 25 people, serving customers on site, selects the properties to the best potential, renovates them, opens the LLC, performs the administrative procedures and finds the future tenants. Thus, foreign investors do not even need to move. The team is always there to support each client in this investment and answer all their questions.

"Today, most of the business is done on Detroit, which offers a real playground, many goods with high potential and a government plan to support the recovery of the city. Detroit attracts new businesses and start-ups from across the country. There are few charges and real estate at attractive prices", Says Antoine Gendre.

The result: the city metamorphoses day after day and gradually regains its dynamism. Servished by a great attractiveness of the territory, it is about to become the new Silicon Valley. "Exaggerated? Not at all !the entrepreneur blows. Just walk the streets of Detroit to see the change: trendy bars, hipsters, cozy restaurants, business areas mark the resumption of this old industrial city. Detroit is modernizing with great pace to the delight of the owners.

Very good signs for Ameristar Group and its customers. Because even if it is a rental investment, the company focuses and focuses on real estate investment. "Making a profit in the first year, with the final capital gain on the sale of a property that has benefited from the growth of the city in the medium term, is the mission of Ameristar Group", Summarizes the Frenchman.

But who are the investors? "Many French people at the start but more and more foreigners coming from all over the world". Some customers buy homes at around $ 60,000. Today, the "average basket" is around $ 400,000 (building or lots of houses). Foreign investment is boosted by the EUR / USD rate which makes it possible to buy lots of houses or buildings for a very attractive price in euros.

Ameristar Groupe is not resting on its laurels and is preparing the next move, focusing on larger properties, lots of buildings that offer a prospect of greater added value to resale.

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