(Partner article) Mickaël Zonta, expert in real estate investment, is founder and president of the rental investment company. He created it in 2012 with Manuel Ravier, in order to provide concrete solutions to investors and individuals who wish to become property owners.

Its rental investment method is simple, efficient and optimizes the rental yield in the short and long term. With the success of his company, Mickaël Zonta is now a safe bet on the market, its promising company is to be watched closely. Presentation of the investor and his company Investissement-Locatif.com.

Mickaël Zonta, a reference for rental investment

Originally from Grenoble, Mickaël Zonta has a passion for real estate since his childhood. After studying Finance at a major business school, EDHEC Business School, he quickly understands that real estate is the key to any entrepreneur who wants to succeed. Several meetings with experienced entrepreneurs will reinforce his efforts.

He is therefore interested in rental real estate, making rental yield his goal to achieve. Marked by this vision, he will invest intensely in the world of real estate as an investor but also an entrepreneur. It invests on its own behalf by leveraging bank credit. After completing his studies, he creates his first company.

In 2012, the company Rental Investment see the day. As the name suggests, it specializes in turnkey rental investment. "We created Rental Investment for all those who thought real estate was too complicated or not profitable enough. The goal is to help individuals become homeowners and make their rental investment benefiting from a favorable tax regime, that of furnished rental.

In other words, the company takes care of all the steps on behalf of its customers: the search for high potential properties, the optimization of it through renovation work, decoration, then finally the rental and its management. "Our teams will completely rehabilitate your apartment in an apartment renovated, furnished and decorated." Thanks to this organization, investors ensure a high rental yield. Leader of theold rental investment, Mickaël Zonta and his company operate in all the major cities of France and realize several hundred projects each year.

Specialist LMNP with high added value, Mickaël Zonta is now an expert in real estate investment and does not hesitate to share his knowledge, including via its YouTube channel. He even went further and decided to start his own book. On January 22nd, Long live the real estate and long live the rent appeared in bookstores and on the internet.

"With the many exchanges I can have daily, with our customers but also our partners, many questions came back often! Based on this observation, I decided to share all my good advice. For those who would like to get started without having specific knowledge of the sector, you will find the best strategies for rental investment. Practical and applicable advice immediately. Mickaël Zonta shares his best strategies to allow everyone to get started and invest. The goal: make real estate investment accessible to all!

Strong growth among non-residents thanks to word of mouth

Rental Investment perfectly fulfills the role of a rental investment consulting company. It operates in France and is experiencing strong growth thanks to its reputation among non-residents. Thanks to his team of professionals, Mickäel Zonta carries out all his investment projects and has focused on several typologies: the buildings of the report, the studios, the T2, the cut-outs of apartment, etc. "Our job is to make your apartments dream apartments ".

With his team, they crisscross the territory in search of real estate discounted on the market and then rehabilitate, decorate, furnish, refurbish and finally ensure the optimal profitability of the property by renting and managing it on a daily basis .

The advantage with the goods discounted on the market: they are available at a very affordable price and allow to benefit from a tax credit, especially if there is work to be done. The important thing is to find apartments with a lot of work, but with real rental value and profitable potential. Renovation, redevelopment and decoration of dilapidated property can reorganize the spaces to obtain a dream apartment and create a crush on the tenant. The basic idea is simple: buy cheap because the property requires renovation, and rent a well renovated and optimized property.

Once the work is done, Rental Investment is responsible for marketing the renovated property. In other words, he takes care of renting the apartment by finding creditworthy tenants to ensure its peaceful management. Once the well furnished is rented, Rental Investment takes care of the rental management and ensures the link between the tenants and its customers owners.

The company also manages the accounting by collecting rent funds on behalf of clients and finally, it monitors rent with the management of rental problems.

Rental Investment is for everyone and especially for those who think that the rental investment is too complex or not interesting enough. "I am constantly on the lookout and looking for opportunities as my team does, for my clients". Whether you are French, foreign or expatriate, you can call on Mickaël Zonta and Rental Investment to invest in real estate and get high profitability.

Why invest in real estate in France for expatriates?

The Paris and French real estate market, in general, has picked up again in recent years, thanks to lower interest rates and higher rents. It becomes more than interesting for anyone to invest in rental real estate and become a landowner. Therental investment in Paris so is stable and is doing well, it would be a shame not to enjoy it.

In addition, the tax on rental income is very interesting for the lessor who can be exempt from tax on rental income for a long time. Benefiting from the regime of the declaration to the real, the landlord has ten years without paying taxes on rental income. It should also be added that with the notarial deed, the owner is protected in the rental investments he is pursuing.

It is therefore very interesting for expatriates to invest in France when they do not live there. Moreover, more and more expatriates are interested in rental investment in 2019 thanks to its numerous advantages, but also, thanks to the numerous services that Rental Investment.

Mickaël Zonta and his company accompany anyone expatriate or not to invest in real estate.

From Paris to Bordeaux, the rental investment company conducts missions on behalf of its clients, such as financing assistance, research of the property, its optimization, the monitoring of works, furniture, rental and rental management. "Our company today brings together all the centers of expertise to ensure high profitability on all your rental projects."

Distance will no longer be an obstacle to investing in France thanks to Rental Investment which will also allow you to obtain better rental yields on your investments. With its expertise and experience in the real estate rental market, the company currently has several hundred projects completed. It accompanies each investor and ensures the best interests of the investor. Testimonials from many investors attest to the reliability and excellent quality of services offered by Mickaël Zonta and his team.

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