The leader of the Moulin Rouge magazine in Paris Claudine Van Den Bergh and its director, Jean-Jacques Clérico. Photo Credits: Maxime Aubin.

The Moulin Rouge in Paris made a grand entrance on the red carpet of the Al Hirschfeld Theater on Broadway. It was held on Thursday, July 25, the first of Red Mill! The Musical, an adaptation of the film Red Mill! Baz Luhrmann, released in 2001.

In a room at the Renaissance Hotel in Times Square, Irish magazine leader Claudine Van Den Bergh has set out on the red carpet. Makeup worked, sophisticated hairstyle, she then donned her costume, worth 15,000 euros, consisting mainly of jewelry and feathers. " I can not wait to watch the choreographies and their version of Moulin Rouge! The dancer smiled in the limousine that was driving her to the theater.

Jean-Jacques Clérico, the president of the Moulin Rouge in Paris, is delighted with this adaptation that makes talk about his cabaret, as the film of 2001 had done: " Generations like Claudine Van Den Bergh's have been inspired by this film. They tell us when we meet them during the auditions that Baz Luhrmann's film motivated us to come and dance at the Moulin Rouge. " By giving up his rights for the film, Jean-Jacques Clérico suspected that a musical would succeed him: " We are here to support the musical and all its actors with the presence of our review leader ".

This did not fail. Subject of all attentions, Claudine Van Den Bergh chained photos and interviews with the foreign press. The American musical is promising. She is seen as the show of the moment on Broadway.


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