(Article partner) Thierry Zanon born in France in Lyon, a food enthusiast had a dream, to go to the United States to open his restaurant.

In 2015, after analyzing the US market, he achieved his goal and opened Omelette and Co. "Coming to the United States I wanted to understand the Americans by offering them products that they like and correspond to them."
With his experience in catering, Thierry has developed an innovative concept by offering omelets, rich meal, friendly while remaining fast and affordable.

Beyond his concept, Thierry Zanon's goal was to develop his restaurant franchise.

We met Mr. Zanon to understand the benefits of being a franchisee, especially at Omelette and Co. He answered our questions.

What is a franchise?

The franchise is a contract by which a merchant says "the franchisor", grants to another trader said "the franchisee", the right to use all or part of the intangible rights belonging to him (trade name, brands, licenses).
In addition, a franchise allows you to have a working tool in hand quickly and know-how acquired.

For you, what are the advantages and the difficulties of being franchised and what solutions do you propose?

First of all it is important to know that in the United States the population tends to trust a chain, it reassures the customer, a franchise can not afford to disappoint. Several points are important to understand the benefits and difficulties as well as the solutions provided by Omelette and Co.

1 / The current debate on the duration of the investor visa in the United States is the focus of attention. The time allowed for the creation of his company could decrease and thus subject to an obligation of quick results, otherwise a precipitous return to his country could take place.
Being a franchisee makes it possible to gain a lot of time, by benefiting from a reputation already existing and to find premises more easily, insurance contracts, suppliers, a clientele … Without forgetting to be able to profit from an advertising already in place .

2 / All franchises do not have the same follow-up vis-à-vis franchisees.
I arrived in the United States alone and I experienced the administrative problems that arise from a facility in the USA. That's why today we make it a point of honor to help people wanting to be franchised by Omelette and Co. Our help is effective on many aspects of your installation: in the search for premises, in the steps administrative … We are first and foremost a family business.

3 / Throughout my career in the restaurant industry I have been confronted with a major problem: the training of my cooks. That's why at "Omelette and Co" the management of the kitchen has been simplified to minimize complications and thus facilitate the establishment and opening of a new restaurant.
This allows an unfamiliar franchiseer to be able to open this type of concept.

What is the most Omelette and Co?

The major asset of Omelette and Co is simply the concept. We are the first restaurant specialized in omelette.

But before being an asset it was necessary to make understand my concept to the Americans. The omelet is certainly very popular in the US, but we had to make it clear that we could eat an omelette for lunch and dinner, in a fast concept that is the Fast Casual. However this challenge has become a strength as our customers enjoy discovering the omelette in a new form. In addition, we make a point of honor on the quality of our products.

What would you say to people wanting to be franchised?

Of course it is essential to know how to do everything in the realization of our ambitions but this without omitting our customers, because do not forget it is our reason for existence.


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