Ringing the bell and running away had never ended in such a great tragedy

LOS ANGELES.- A man who lives in Crown, to the east of The Angels, Was accused this Thursday of having killed three teenagers 16 years old who spent a joke this weekend, after ram your car against the young people's vehicle intentionally.

Anurag Chandra, 42 years old and found detained without bond, was accused of three counts of murder Y three counts of attempted murder, since three other young people were injured after the man crashed his car against that of teenagers.

According to the investigation and as collected by several Californian media today, the six teenagers began this weekend to ring house bells from the neighborhood of one of them then run away, fit jokingly.

One of them rang Chandra's bell and ran back to the vehicle of one of the teenagers to flee with her classmates.

The man decided to chase them with his car, larger and displacement, and intentionally collided with the rear of the youth vehicle, causing your exit from the road and the later deadly crash against a tree.

Jacob Ivascu, 16 years old and neighbor of the town of Riverside, California, died at the scene of the incident, while Drake Ruiz Y Daniel Hawkins, also 16 years old, they died in the hospital, according to documents from the Riverside County Forensic Office.

The other three young people, between 12 and 18 years old, were injured in a less serious way.

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