On November 12, the Supreme Court will hear arguments to define the future of DACA

Los Angeles Prosecutor joins support for young “dreamers”

File photography of Los Angeles prosecutor Mike Feuer.

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion.

LOS ANGELES – The time is coming for the Supreme Court defines the future of approximately 7,000 young people covered by DACA, known as "dreamers." This program has had the support of various public officials, including the Los Angeles prosecutor, Mike Feuer

"I am with the dreamers," he said Feuer in a statement, alluding to the beneficiaries with DACA

The prosecutor thus joins the recent public support for the beneficiaries with this program given by large companies, universities, legislators and more than 15 state prosecutors, and who have been referred to the highest court.

"DACA beneficiaries exemplify the core values ​​of the United States of hard work, education and belief in a better tomorrow, ”he added Feuer, who pointed out that approximately the 13% of DACA beneficiaries live in Los Angeles.

On November 12 the Supreme Court will hear the arguments of several lawsuits alleging that the decision of the President's Administration Donald Trump To end the program was unconstitutional.

According to a recent analysis of Center for American Progress (CAP), currently about 661,000 young people are protected by DACA, which gives them a residence and work permit for up to two years and protects them from deportation.

The report warns that 82,360 “dreamers,” as DACA beneficiaries are also known, live in the cities of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Almost 1.5 million people across the country live in a home with an immigrant benefited from this protection., including more than a quarter of a million children of “dreamers” born in the US

Support for the program established in 2012 by the then president Barack Obama they have also occurred in more than 100 cities and counties in 30 states of the nation.

“Los Angeles County opposes the attempts of this administration to end DACA. We won't stop fighting, ”said the Los Angeles County Supervisor, Hilda Solis, it's a statement.

The Coalition for the Human Rights of Immigrants (CHIRLA) will deploy from this Wednesday more than 50 billboards with messages in favor of DACA on highways in southern California to seek support from the community and voters.

The action is part of the national campaign “Rise Up for DACA – Home Is Here”, which started last week as part of the efforts of "dreamers" and advocates for immigrants to keep the program alive.


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