A Los Angeles Police officer this under investigation after the body camcorder he wore he allegedly caught him stroking the breasts of a dead woman, as reported Los Angeles Times.

The policeman was assigned to the Center Division from Los Angeles, but was suspended once their supervisors reviewed the images recorded on the camera. This, as a result of a random inspection which is done in the Police Department.

The incident occurred when the officer and his partner showed up at the report of a woman who lay at home When the officers confirmed that I was dead, the partner returned to the patrol to find something. And that's when the accused officer he turned off his camera and allegedly touched the breasts of the woman.

What surely was not expected is that the camera reached record two minutes crucial that caught the incident. It is unknown for how long in total He was touching the woman.

According to the published information, it is also investigated agent history Robert Arcosfrom the Police Department told Los Angeles Times that the video that was recorded is “very disturbing"


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