DFCS did not comply with an order to examine the condition of the child who could have prevented sexual abuse and death

The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DFCS) did not comply with a court order to examine Noah Four, a 4-year-old boy who died in strange circumstances last July and deserved the detention of his parents.

In a press conference given this Wednesday, Attorney Brian Claypool said the agency did not comply with an order to conduct a physical exam and establish whether the child had suffered sexual abuse.

"If they had taken the test, it is likely that the child would have been permanently removed from his home and would be alive," said Calypool, who represents Eva Hernandez, grandmother of the child.

Little Noah was hospitalized urgently on July 5 after a call made by his parents in which they indicated that the child was drowning in the pool from the apartment complex where they lived, in Palmdale, northwest of Los Angeles.

The hospital staff, however, found signs of trauma in the child, who died the next morning, which led to the beginning of a police investigation.

The Los Angeles County Department of Forensic Medicine He classified the child's death as homicide.

A subsequent coroner's report revealed evidence of sexual abuse, the lawyer assured.

Hernandez, who was also at the press conference, stressed that the child lived with her a large part of his short life.

At the time of birth, José María Cuatro and Úrsula Elaine Juárez were taken from the custody of their parents and when she was three months old, the grandmother took care of the baby.

After nine months, the parents resumed custody, but were again removed from the care of their parents a year later.

After spending time in temporary homes, The child was again placed in the custody of his grandmother for a couple of years.

In November 2018 he returned to the care of his parents, according to the records of the Department of Child and Family Services.

The parents of the children were arrested on September 27 and this Monday they were accused of torture and murder.

The 27-year-old father also faces a charge of child assault causing death, and Juárez, the 25-year-old parent, must answer for another charge of child abuse that caused death, as reported by Jon Hatami, of the Complex Child Abuse Section of the Prosecutor's Office.

The Prosecutor's Office has requested a bond of $ 3 million for each of the defendants.

If found guilty of all charges, The defendants face between 32 years in prison and life imprisonment.


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