Lara Fabian

Lara Fabian has a lot of things to celebrate these days: her 50 years in January and thirty years of career, filled with international hits and 20 million albums sold in the world …

To mark the occasion with her fans, the singer decided to go on an international tour: the "50" World Tour will take her in September to New York (16), Chicago (19), San Jose (20) and Los Angeles (23). "It's a retrospective that will be divided into several acts"Is content to say the artist, who wants to keep the effect of surprise.

Since her previous tour, last year, Lara Fabian did not come to perform in the United States, a country where she became known thanks to her hit "I will love again" which appeared on her album eponymous in 1999. At the time, she had come to promote her thirteenth album. Released in 2017, "Camouflage" was his first opus entirely in English in more than a decade.

Two years later, the Belgian-Canadian star is back on American soil, a few months after the release of a fourteenth studio album, in French this one: "Butterfly". She composed it in eleven short days only in Montreal with Swedish pop producer Moh Denebi and American singer-songwriter Sharon Vaughn. "It was a small miracleshe slips. It's called inspiration. It's something that's going through us, that's completely beyond us. I had seven days of vacation. It was during a winter break while I was on tour. We sat down and we said to ourselves: let's see what comes out"She says.

There came out an album of eleven songs, including a surprising "I do not love you anymore", which echoes his famous "I love you" of 1996. Never had she concluded a love story in his songs. "I wanted to find him a term. There are loves that never leave us and, one day, we find the lucidity to look at these stories. It may take twenty years, but we have the strength to turn the page".

In thirty years, Lara Fabian, who sings in nine languages ​​(including Turkish, Russian and Hebrew), can boast of having built a career crossing borders, languages ​​and nationalities. "When music is able to crystallize a unit, it's wonderful. It's as if we had achieved something despite ourselves", she says.

What advice would she give to Lara Fabian thirty years ago, the one who moved to Quebec and was about to release her first album? "To trust oneself more, to calm one's insecurity and to gain wisdom, she says. I enter my 50 years with a lot of serenity. Time is a sad human invention. It's only a number. I prefer to see him as an ally".


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