In an effort to create healthier communities, the Corazon de Los Angeles youth organization (HELLO) on Monday celebrated the launch of the new nutrition education curriculum as they know best: preparing a delicious recipe.

A group of about 15 students had the opportunity to participate in a cooking class with Alex Nataren, director of operations of HOLA and professional chef.

During the event that took place in downtown Los Angeles, the donation of $ 50,000 from the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) was also announced, to further strengthen nutrition and food programs, as well as to expand their weekly classes, allowing HELLO to provide younger people with nutritional education and access to essential staples.

The organizers of the event assured that it is through the creation of these delicious foods, quick to prepare, that children and young people learn to include more nutrients in their daily diet.

Michelle Sandoval, community and parent resource manager at HOLA, said that in the organization, children in kindergarten through grade 12 have the opportunity to learn about healthy nutrition through cooking classes.

Los Angeles students had the opportunity to learn to cook with Alex Nataren, a professional chef. (Supplied)

"With nutrition classes we see that students learn more by making food with our traditional dishes," he said.

"In our culture, food is important but sometimes they don't know the content and that's what we teach them."

During classes, students learn about ancestral culinary art while creating those traditional recipes with better nutritional value and fewer calories.

They use fresh ingredients that are often from the harvest of the HELLO community garden.

Sandoval said that one of the many reasons that nutrition has been included as part of his HOLA curriculum is due to the high number of children with overweight.

"We know that there are a large number of children in grades 6 through 9 who are obese or overweight and we want to teach them to establish a better relationship with food," Sandoval said.

The parents also participate

Although the nutrition program was originally intended for children, Sandoval said that parents have become a vital part of their children's success.

"When parents see that their children cook they see them excited and wonder what it is," said Sandoval.

Now parents can also participate in a nutrition class once a week where food will be the most pleasant method to gather the whole family.

"We love this because sometimes it's not easy to have these nutritional conversations," Sandoval said.

"This is a way where children feel empowered and families support them."

To learn more about the nutrition program of the HOLA organization visit:


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