Although here in the United States, many no longer follow the Catholic custom of leading the child to bless God, they do not forget their meals

Viridiana Díaz Padilla met with just over ten friends, members of the “Mexicanas en Los Ángeles” group to celebrate Candelaria Day, nothing less than eating traditional tamales.

“I never celebrated it in Mexico, but when I went to live in London and especially when I became a mother of three, I learned to respect the tradition because I wanted my daughters to know it and know its meaning,” says Viridiana, a Mexican who He lived in London for ten years and has been in Los Angeles for two years.

“I always make tamales, but this year, my friends voted because we would send them to my aunt because they say hers taste better than mine,” she laughs.

Krizia Pacheco and Viridiana Díaz celebrated Candelaria Day with traditional tamales. (Araceli Martínez / The Opinion).

Candlemas Day is celebrated on February 2, and it is a celebration very close to the heart of the immigrants Mexicans The Catholic tradition indicates that on that day the child God is dressed and taken to the Church to be blessed. The custom is that whoever touches the child in the thread of kings on January 6, invites tamales on Candlemas Day.

Viridiana was touched by four God children, and many of her friends were also found in the thread, so they democratically agreed that the cost of the 90 tamales they ordered to be made would be divided among all.

“Honestly for me, Candlemas Day are tamales. But if my daughter asks me, I tell her that today is the Day the baby Jesus rises. It is a Catholic tradition. It is the quarantine of when he was born. Today you take him to the Church to be baptized, ”he explains.

Viridiana Díaz celebrated Candlemas Day in advance with her friends. (Araceli Martínez / The Opinion).

This Mexican says she celebrates the date, inviting friends and family to her home.

“We share food and childhood stories because we are all from different states of Mexico, and each one tells how they celebrate it,” he says.

Incredible as it may seem, Krizia Pacheco Padrón, the organizer of the group “Mexicanas in Los Angeles”, celebrated Candelaria Day for the first time in her life.

Originally from Mexico City with 15 years of residence in Los Angeles, she says she didn't get used to her home.

His first time celebrating Candelaria, he spent it, he says, happy, talking quietly.

“I ate my tamales with a pineapple atole that was also the first time I had it,” he observes.

He had such a good time, he says, this traditional festival wants to celebrate every year.

A group of Mexican friends gather to celebrate Candlemas Day. (Araceli Martínez / The Opinion).

Unlike Krizia, the also Mexican Rosa Ismerio, who emigrated to Los Angeles ten years ago, has always celebrated Candelaria Day.

“In my house in Mexico City, it is celebrated with a family reunion; and according to Catholic tradition we dressed the child with different characters, ”he says.

“As my mother weaves, she made her robes of the people with whom one connects. There was a lot of freedom to choose. Once we dressed him up to Benito Juárez, ”he talks.

The Mexicans savored tamales of beef, chicken and rajas with cheese. (Araceli Martínez / The Opinion).
Eating tamales is the Mexican tradition of Candelaria Day. (Araceli Martínez / The Opinion).

What's more, when she graduated from college, she put the child God, a robe and a mortarboard.

This year, Rosa joined to celebrate with members of the group of “Mexicanas in Los Angeles”.

"I had a great time. They are Mexican friends who have almost no family here in this country. We arrived with the children to celebrate the occasion and we felt like family, ”he says.

And he adds that really for her the celebration of the Candelaria are unforgettable moments that when you are out of Mexico without loved ones, friends become family.


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