Los Angeles police (LAPD) presented the call on Monday Bola Wrap, a new tool available to agents as of next January that allows immobilizing a remote suspect.

The device is designed to be used at the beginning of a confrontation and thus prevent the situation from progressing to a crisis that endangers the lives of those involved, as the dependency commander Michel Moore pointed out.

Through this tool a trigger throws a cable 8 feet (2.5 meters) long at high speed, 513 feet per second (156 meters / sec.), Which is wrapped around the body of the person who wants to be disabled and adheres by means of a pair of small hooks at the ends of the rope.

The device, which can be used at a distance of between 10 and 25 feet (3 to 8 meters), was demonstrated on Monday first on a dummy and then shot at the legs of Chief Moore himself, who faced the test with serenity and good humor.

Manufactured by Wrap industries and which will begin to be used in January 2020 by LAPD, the product seeks to reduce the use of electric guns (“teasers”) or firearms in confrontations with suspects, “especially with those who suffer a mental crisis“, He told Efe Martín Baeza, deputy head of the Office of Personnel and Training of the agency.

"When we meet someone who, for example, is suffering from a mental illness, this device allows us to control that person without harming him," said the officer.

The police will have 200 of these triggers, which can temporarily immobilize an individual without causing harm or pain and maintaining a safe distance between the subject and the officer.

In January 2020, 100 units will be put into use and another 100 will begin use in February in 10 substations of the police department, Baeza said.

The 200 units have been donated to the LAPD by Wrap Industries and the law enforcement agency will use them for a one-year trial period, to assess their usefulness, Moore said.

A similar device has been used by the superhero Batman in his fiction stories as a resource to capture criminals, so the Wrap Ball is also known as the "Batman resource."

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