The last Sunday, the tide dragged "large quantity" of medical supplies like more than 100 needles to the California beach of Venice, in Los Angeles. The pollution of the coast forced the Venice Beach closure and the beginning of an investigation into the causes of what had happened.

After noon on Sunday, the Los Angeles Fire Department lifeguard's Twitter account (LACoFD Lifeguards) announced the cordon off of the area after observing “a lot of medical supplies along the coast, south of the Venice Beach pier. ”

The same tweet ensured that the departments of Public Health, Police and Beaches and Ports of Los Angeles, as well as the United States Coast Guard, and the Los Angeles County Fire Department were already aware of what had happened and had begun an investigation. The lifeguards said they would continue patrolling the area by land and sea in case they found more materials.

According to ABC7, among the wastes there were more than 100 hypodermic needles and lancets -devices used to pierce the skin and obtain pieces of blood- and orange tubes, as it appears in the images published by the authorities. All were medical utensils.

The beach was reopened the same Sunday afternoon after receiving the Deep cleaning of the Los Angeles County lifeguards. The unmade, according Los Angeles Times they were received by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to analyze them. NBC Los Angeles published that no needle-related injury had been recorded.

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