María Fernanda Hernández is a Mexican member of the Disney On Ice ensemble who started in this activity with no other intention than to get bored

On summer vacations, María Fernanda Hernández had to go to the office where her mother worked every day. She was 7 years old and could not be left alone at home. One day of much boredom, his mother suggested that he investigate a summer course.

"I entered one of skating [on ice] and from there I no longer left." said Hernandez, whose story would have nothing particular if it wasn't because in Guadalajara, the Mexican city where he grew up, this activity is very unusual. You can only practice on the almost non-existent tracks in the city; in fact, in which she learned no longer exists.

"It's not easy to find clues and good coaches," said Hernandez, who is already 21 years old and now part of the company Disney On Ice, which as of Thursday brings the show to several cities in Southern California Mickey’s Search Party, of which she is part of the assembly.

This January Hernández will celebrate one year in the company, which is made up of skaters from all over the world, including professionals who have won in Olympics and important competitions.

And although on a smaller scale, this was the story of Hernández until recently, when after many years of participating in championships he decided to retire to enter a skating company. Her older sister, who was also a professional skater and made a career in shows such as Disney On Ice, was the one who propelled her and led that way.

So when this skating company arrived in Guadalajara to audition, Hernandez already knew what to do. Three months after the test, I was already hired for the tour of this assembly in the United States.

"After competing for many years, it was time [to retire]," he said. “In the competitions I was doing well, with very good results; The last ones were not the same, but I think I retired at the top of my career. ”

What started as a hobby is now a great adventure in his life, and it came just when he wanted to turn his career around. And although it is the first time he has left his house for a long period, what he has least felt is nostalgia.

"No, I don't miss my house," he said with a laugh like that of a girl who made a prank. "Because they have us so busy in the show that we don't have time to think about that."

In detail

What: Disney On Ice presents Mickey’s Search Party

When: today and Friday 7:30 pm; Saturday and Sunday 11 am, 3 and 7 pm; and from December 19 to January 5 in Anaheim, Long Beach and Ontario

Where: Staples Center, 1111 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles

As: $ 15 to $ 165 tickets


The show arrives from today to several cities in southern California. Photo: Courtesy

The skater during one of the presentations. Photo: Courtesy


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