A immigrant I know took refuge in his car for not be stopped when agents of ICE they caught him going out from his house, in The mountain, to the east of The Angels, the Telemundo network reported Thursday.

The man and his wife left their home when they saw the officers of Immigration and Customs Control (ICE) Another man who was close and recorded the incident recommended I said nothing.

The man who was being harassed, he knew his rights and asked to be shown the arrest warrant signed by the judge.

The agents tried to convince him and they delivered a document but it was not signed by a judgebut by an officer, so the man He was not fooled. The harassment lasted at least two hours, According to the report. They even tried to pressure his wife to convince him to leave with them, but neither left.

ICE officers blocked his way to the car for all that time, until they finally left. According to Telemundo's report, the activists say this man did the right thing by staying inside and staying calm.

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