He was the first millennial to be elected to the legislature, and the youngest leader of the Democratic majority.

Ian Calderón, Whittier's assemblyman and leader of the Democratic majority in the California Assembly, surprised everyone when he announced that he will not seek his re-election to the seat next year. his exit will put end to one of the dynasties policies latinas plus influential and controversial from southern California, the Calderón.

“In the last weeks, Elise and I have spent time talking about our future and our growing family; We talked about what is important to us and the best way to manage our family life once our third child is born, ”he said in a statement he posted on Twitter.

"As a result, after much consideration, I have decided that I will not seek reelection in the Assembly by 2020," he emphasizes.

And he adds that it was a difficult decision. “I have been very proud to represent my community in the Assembly, and I have a lot of respect and admiration for my colleagues,” he said.

Ian Calderón with his wife Elise. Both expect their third child. (photo official page Ian Calderón).

The announcement was made a few days after the deadline to register his re-election for a third period next year.

Since 2012, Ian Calderón is an assemblyman for the 57th district that encompasses the southeast of Los Angeles County and cities such as Norwalk, Hacienda Heights and La Puente. The limits in the legislative periods, allowed him to remain in office becoming religious until 2024.

When in December from 2012, presto oath as assemblyman, he became at 27 years at legislator plus young from California, the first millennial, and the Latin from less age in win a seat to camera low.

He held the seat he vacated at the end of his legislative period, his father, former Whittier Assemblyman Charles Calderón.

In 2006, he was elevated to the rank of leader of the Democratic majority in the State Assembly. The second in command after the leader of the Assembly, Anthony Rendón. His main task was to represent the leader during his absence and direct the sessions in the plenary.

Some experts say Ian Calderón leaves a good grade as a California legislator. (Official website Ian Calderón).

Calderón studied Political Science at California State University in Long Beach. He was state champion of surfing and created his own company to represent athletes in contractual negotiations.

He was born and raised in a political family that has exchanged positions in the state legislature since 1983.

He is the nephew of Montebello Democratic Senator Ron Calderón. His uncle Tom Calderón was also an assemblyman, and in 2012 he lost the election while trying to return to the Assembly for the 58th district.

His father, former Assemblyman Calderón, considered a moderate-cut Democrat, told The opinion When his son took an oath for the seat, he never thought he would arrive at the Assembly, but it was his dream.

"Ian Calderón is an outstanding assemblyman, majority leader and instrumental force to guide our sessions on the floor," said Anthony Rendón in a tweet when he learned of his plans.

“I feel disappointed that I am not going to seek reelection, but I could not feel happier for him and his family. I'm looking forward to working together in our last year, ”he said.

The scandals of his uncles Ron and Tom Calderón never splashed his political career.

In February 2014, a federal grand jury brought charges against Ron for accepting almost $ 100,000 in cash bribes, and other gifts such as gourmet meals and golf excursions, on behalf of a medical company; and an undercover FBI agent who pretended to be a film executive in exchange for legislative favors.

Ron spent a year and a half in a prison, and six months in a residence where inmates are placed after being released while adapting to daily life. In December, he regained his freedom, and currently works for a security company.

The former Democratic Assemblyman for Montebello, Tom Calderón spent about four months in prison for the money laundering charge in the case of corruption involving his brother, former Democratic Senator Ron Calderón.

Ian Calderón will leave the Assembly in 2020 to spend more time with his wife Elise and their three children. (Official page Ian Calderón)

End of the Calderón dynasty?

The political consultant Mario Beltrán says that the surprising announcement of Ian Calderón marks the path that will end an political Latin dynasty that was very influential in southern California.

"The children of the Calderón brothers have shown no interest in entering politics," he says.

And he adds that Ian ends up with a good leadership grade in the legislature. "Voters in his district never related his uncles' failures with him. Ian Calderón won because he has always been a good boy, and a very sincere boy who always spoke very clearly to people, ’’ said Beltrán. “When he was campaigning for the first time, he told those who exposed him problems, that he did not know, but that he should be educated on the subject. He never looked what he wasn't. ”

As Ian leaves the legislature in November 2020, there will be only one new Latin dynasty that is emerging, says Beltrán. It's about the sisters Susan and Blanca Rubio. "It seems that there comes another younger sister who also wants to go to the legislature and has potential."

Until Thanksgiving, there were five registered applicants with intentions to replace Calderón. ANDntre they two councilors latinos Democrats from WhittierHenry Renan Bouchot and Joshua Alvarado. But Democrat Justin Joshua Valero has also registered; for the green, Fernando Landeros; and Republican Jessica Martínez.

The primary elections to elect Calderón's successor will be in March 2020. The deadline they have to register as candidates is December 12.


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