How to leave LAX with the new passenger pick-up policy

This new policy seeks to ease traffic in LAX.

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

For years, going to and from the Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX, was a nightmare and required a dear family member or a great friend, unless one wanted to spend a considerable amount of money on a taxi service.

Then, Uber, Lyft and the shared travel companies came in to provide options that did not require a family member or friend to show their love by going to LAX, either to drop off or pick up someone.

Unfortunately, entering and leaving LAX, at least in part due to the congestion caused by shared travel vehicles, became a bit more inconvenient over time.

But nevertheless, As of October 29, LAX has a new system for people leaving the airport called LAX-IT, which is pronounced “LA Exit”. Travelers who use shared trips and taxi services may still be a LAX depositor.

For people arriving in flight to the airport, there will be a transport service LAX-IT Outside the baggage claim at level 1 that will take travelers to a place where shared travel drivers and taxi drivers can take people out of the airport. Buses leave every 3-5 minutes, according to the airport.

Travelers can also walk to the lot, which is located before Terminal 1. The location of the lot should also help calm traffic inside the airport.


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