(Partner article) Do you dream of expatriation? Before leaving, you have to ask the right questions, especially about health coverage. These questions, often poorly understood before departure, have consequences for the success of the project. After their departure, the less expecting expatriates often find themselves faced with a harsh reality: the costs of medical procedures in some countries are sometimes very high and reimbursement rates lower than in France. It is even common that after the declaration of a risk with the insurance subscribed, the latter applies an exclusion or a "premium" on the contribution …

The CFE, Caisse des Français de l'Etranger, offers health insurance solutions to protect you all over the world. Among all the offers proposed by the CFE, MondExpat Health accompanies all expatriates over 30 years of age in their expatriation project, without a medical questionnaire or exclusion.

Are you already an expatriate? You had to adapt to your host country to protect your health and you know the costs for medical expenses? You can always, at any time, join the offers of the CFE to receive the same health coverage as in France without a medical questionnaire, whether you are alone or with your family.

Why choose MondExpat Health during my expatriation?

With MondExpat Health, you maintain your rights to the French system before, during, and upon return from your expatriation. When you return to France, your health expenses will be reimbursed by the CFE, the time to reinstate the general scheme.

You are covered all over the world, without ceiling of refund, and can benefit, among others, of a financial support in case of need, thanks to the budget of action health and social of the CFE.

Is the MondExpat Santé offer for you?

The CFE offers a variety of offers, depending on your situation and your age group. offer MondExpat Health is for you if you are preparing for an expatriation, or are currently an expatriate, if you are over 30 and are not yet retired.

With MondExpat Health, regardless of your country of expatriation, you and your beneficiaries are covered for your medical procedures.

How does MondExpat Santé work in France and abroad?

As an expatriate, you are no longer affiliated with the French Health Insurance: this is a reality that many French people do not realize. This can be very problematic if you want to continue to maintain your care habits during your stays in France. The CFE has the solution to meet this need.

MondExpat Health covers your health expenses and those of your beneficiaries in both your host country, but also during all your stays in France for less than 6 months. MondExpat Santé covers, among other things: your consultations with a general practitioner, the purchase of medicines, the carrying out of analyzes, hospitalization, dental care, vaccines, optical expenses, emergency transport …

And abroad, the CFE will reimburse your health expenses and those of your dependents on the basis of the average health costs recorded in France and the coverage rates applied by the Health Insurance.

Thus, whatever your medical procedure, you and your family are protected worldwide according to the conditions that you would enjoy in France.

Are you an employee? You have the option to subscribe to the "3-in-1 Pack" option. From 11 euros per month, this pack allows you to collect daily allowances paid by the CFE in case of work accident or maternity leave. Thus, you ensure the maintenance of your salary.

How to join the CFE?

Whatever your age, your status or your length and country of expatriation, you can not be excluded from the CFE. In addition, you do not need to answer a health questionnaire. All you need to do is join online or download the membership form on the CFE website.

Learn more about www.cfe.fr, or by mail : (Email protected)

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