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[Article partenaire] Want to become a mom but are worried about your medical history, complicated previous pregnancies or your age? Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialists can help!


After completing a residency in obstetrics and gynecology, MFM specialists have an additional three years of training in all aspects of complications in the fetus, in the mother or both. Following strict fetal monitoring protocols, advanced prenatal diagnostic methods, ultrasound, and consulting with related specialties (such as anesthesiology, neonatology, or genetics) most of these high risk pregnancies result in success. obstetric, that is, a healthy baby and mother.

Obviously, the level of risk varies from condition to condition. Here are some conditions treated by specialists in maternal-fetal medicine:

Advanced maternal age

Women 35 years of age or older during childbirth are at a higher risk of having a baby with Down’s syndrome or other genetic abnormalities. New screening methods for these malformations make it possible to identify babies at risk of genetic malformations very early on. These patients are also at risk of developing hypertension from pregnancy, gestational diabetes and delayed fetal growth.

Multi-fetal pregnancy (twins, triplets, etc.)

Multifetal pregnancy rate has increased dramatically since the fertilization boom in-vitro. These pregnancies should be monitored very closely, because more than half of twin pregnancies (and 99% of triplets) give birth prematurely (before 37 weeks gestation). Using methods (ultrasound and / or laboratory test), the specialist can identify women at risk of pre-term labor.

Pregnancy after in vitro fertilization

Pregnancies following in-vitro fertilization should also be monitored more carefully.

Pregnancies complicated by infectious disease (toxoplasmosis, HIV, etc.)

It is important to benefit from the monitoring of a specialist doctor.

Previous Caesarean

Women who have previously given birth via cesarean section are at risk for certain complications during a subsequent natural birth, including uterine rupture. This complication is rare but serious. With careful monitoring during labor, specialists can offer vaginal delivery after a cesarean (or even after two cesarean sections) for most women who want it.

Type 2 diabetes or juvenile diabetes

Not long ago, diabetic patients had a high risk of fetal malformation or serious complications during childbirth. With close monitoring, insulin and a strict diet, most diabetic patients can have a pregnancy without complications.

Chronic hypertension

Women with hypertension are at risk for fetal growth retardation and preeclampsia and should be monitored very closely. Certain medical treatments are compatible during pregnancy.

Pregnancies in Patients with Depression or Anxiety Disorders

With joint follow-up with a psychologist, most women with depression or anxiety disorders can ultimately enjoy a pregnancy without complications, or postpartum depression. Some medications can be used without the risk of complications.

Pregnancy at high risk of preterm birth (preterm, 37 weeks)

Your specialist doctor will be able to follow you and advise you throughout your pregnancy to avoid a premature birth as much as possible.

Medical specialists in New York

During their training, MFM specialists learned to master sophisticated methods in prenatal diagnosis (including amniocentesis and chorionic biopsy), detailed fetal ultrasound, and assessment of fetal well-being. They are experts you can count on to have your pregnancy and childbirth in the best possible conditions.

In New York, do not hesitate to consult Doctor Georges Sylvestre, specialist in fetal-maternal medicine, and French-speaking: he can offer you prenatal follow-up adapted to your condition, and an unforgettable birth.

Contact doctor Georges Sylvestre at (212) 746-7844

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Contact doctor Georges Sylvestre at (212) 746-7844


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