In the avant-garde New York, where fashions are made and unmade, a rule of thumb is pulling the controls behind the scenes: escape the frenzy. The latest trend is to go out without really going out, and take a bath.

Imagine yourself lying down, eyes closed, surrounded by plaids, pillows, and other New Yorkers, who, like you, are trying to enter into meditation, to the sound of tuning forks, gongs or crystal bowls manipulated by sound professionals. Far from the noise pollution of the city, which the World Health Organization classifies as a growing threat to human health, the power of sound is harnessed here to relieve stress and bad energy. This is the principle of what is called the "sound bath", understand the "sound baths", which are increasingly found on the program of holistic yoga, acupuncture and spa studios.

Mindfulness is in vogue. Groups like Google, Instagram, Microsoft and American Express have recently decided to offer sound bathing sessions to their teams. Companies, museums, but also certain health establishments which take the gamble of treating with sound.

Among the professionals sought, Sara Auster is a benchmark. This young American woman who travels all over the world with her bath assures her: " All you have to do is have an open mind, get comfortable and listen ". These "horizontal concerts" and the combined effect of the sound and vibrations of the music would lead to intense relaxation, close to hypnosis.

Therapy for some or simple relaxation between friends for others, each his own bath. Here is a selection of several events to follow.

This Thursday, January 23 at 8 pm @ Etiquette (Williamsburg). Alison Ambrosio, young French expatriate organizes with Halcyon his first “sound bath ” in the Label space. Coffee shop by day, this place that looks like an unstructured apartment (with a vinyl store inside) is transformed for events in the evening. It welcomes you for 4 hours of Sound Bath, part of which is live with Will Shore. Kava, a drink from the Pacific islands with relaxing properties will be served. There are still a few tickets left.


This Friday January 24 at 8 pm with Divine J9 (Union square). The new moon (the lunar phase during which the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun) would be the ideal time to start a new habit!

Divine J9

This Sunday January 26 at 7:30 pm with Michael Jay (Bedford-Stuyvesant). The health coach will provide a sound bath at the Namastuy Healing Collective.

Michael Jay

Wednesday January 29 at 7 pm in the grand ballroom of the William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg with Sara Auster and Alex Falk. Sara’s work was named Best Meditation by Oprah magazine in 2016. A mix of personalized scents will be broadcast throughout the space. To book

Sara Auster and Alex Falk

Friday January 31 at the Woom Center at 7:30 pm in SoHo with Elian & Tobin. They invite you to come and explore extraordinary states of consciousness through their signature sonic journey.

Sunday February 2 at 6pm at Maha Rose in Bushwick. A sound bath to "overcome winter depression" with Jarrod Byrne Mayer, certified sound therapist, author and sound philosopher.

Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm with Nate Martinez at the MNDFL (Greenwich Village). The musician is recognized as one of the most renowned professionals in the capital. To book.

Nate Martinez Instagram


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