After receiving thousands in donations, now a producer is interested in acquiring their services

A homeless Russian woman it became a feeling overnight after delighting thousands of people with his angelic voice at the Wilshire / Normandie subway station in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police Department captured the serenade in a video and has since gone viral. This has more than one million views.

Then, the woman, whose name is Emily Zamourka, went out to give her life story and told her experiences living in the streets of Los Angeles. Thanks to this, two GoFundMe accounts were opened, which between the two, They have raised about $ 70,000.

The good news does not stop reaching Zamourka. The TMZ portal has reported that the woman has received an offer for an important recording contract.

Joel Diamond, a Grammy-nominated music producer, said he wrote a letter to Zamourka hoping to create "an album that mixes classical music and EDM". This was one of the opportunities the woman was looking for to begin the life change she so longs for.

Diamond said the first album will be called "Paradise" and that will be launched in Silver Blue Records, the record label he founded in 1973.

The famous producer fell in love with the woman's voice when he saw the video of her singing in the subway station and knew he could help her.

"There are people who feel sorry for me, but I don't want to be a burden to anyone," said Zamourka, who is 52 years old.

Thanks to the fact that the video went viral due to the great talent it has, thousands of people have sympathized with the woman and now she is receiving the help and impulse she needs to get out of the streets.


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