Vaccines, medical tests, ultrasounds and talks to prevent diseases will be provided until October 31

Find out where the free health events of the Consulate of Mexico in LA will be offered

Some of the events will offer vaccines and tests to detect anemia. / photo: Aurelia Ventura.

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

The issue of "public charge", which is effective October 15, has hundreds of immigrants in suspense – who are already afraid to ask for certain public resources for fear of failing to qualify for a residence permente or the extension of their visas

This is one of the reasons why the Consulate of Mexico in Los Angeles seeks to promote Health Month, which will feature a variety of free events for the community throughout October.

Elena Aragón, director of the Ventanilla de Salud of said consular headquarters, said they have noticed that many people are afraid of approaching medical services.

In a telephone interview with La Opinión, he indicated that what is sought is that the community can detect a disease in time.

"With prevention you can help not to reach a chronic disease … That in the future (perhaps) avoid large medical expenses," he said.

He added that although the event is promoted from the Consulate of Mexico, the entire Latino community has the option to participate – regardless of their country of origin.

“You don't have to be Mexican, it doesn't matter your immigration status or if you have insurance (medical) or not. Everyone is welcome, ”he said.

Events calendar. / photo: Consulate of Mexico in LA.

Specific topics

Weekly events scheduled during this month include the one offered by the Emotional Welfare group.

Aragon believes that mental health issues are still considered taboo among Latinos but that these meetings meetings are very useful.

"(In the talks) we see issues of depression, anxiety, abuse of toxic substances … Sometimes loneliness and seeing you in a different country makes people resort to this (drugs) as a way of escape," he explained.

The Emotional Wellness group, which will be held every Wednesday in October from 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the headquarters of the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles, it also aims to address domestic violence and traumatic situations that immigrants may have gone through.

Educational sessions will also be offered, once a month, where they will talk about heart disease, dental health, options for organ donation and the dangers of electronic cigarettes.

For this last issue, it is UCLA who will give the talk, said the director of the Ventanilla de Salud. And he added that the importance of this talk was seen due to the problems that ‘vaping’ can cause in the respiratory system.

“The situation is because many of the devices (for vaping) have ways that you would never think of having a cigarette. There are some devices (for smoking) that look like a USB. It is important that parents identify if their child has these devices that are camouflaged in things and that because of odors (or forms) can be difficult to detect, ”said Aragon.

And he mentioned the ‘Testimonies of Hope’ event, where people with HIV cases will talk about their experience and how they have managed to continue their lives.

Ultrasound tests and fatty liver detection are also scheduled in the calendar of events; In addition to a day of vaccination, sessions of alternative medicine, zumba and tests to detect if you have cholesterol, anemia and / or diabetes.

Aragón clarified that all services will be free. “The issue of‘ public charge ’has created a lot of fear. This is a way for people to approach services with more confidence, ”he added.

For more information on all events scheduled for October; In addition to the dates and times to be called, call the Health Window at 1 (213) 351-6826. To see the entire calendar visit: HERE


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