In another incident in the same area of ​​Los Angeles, a firefight was reported

A electric problem made a house will burst into flame this Wednesday afternoon in Pacoima, in the San Fernando Valley. As a result, a person It was transferred to the hospital, authorities reported.

The Fire Department of The Angels (LAFD) reported in a report at 12.59 p.m. what are you trying control the fire that affected the structure from the distance, in what they expect light company staff cancel the electricity service.

As soon as the danger of the electrical failure is controlled, firefighters will fight the fire.

The fire broke out in the number 12224 from W. Street Montague.

Another incident was reported the Tuesday night in the same area of ​​Pacoimabut in the number 11300 from the street Dronfield Terrace. In the event too one person was injured and was transferred to the hospital. The strange thing was that, prior to the arrival of the firemen, gunshots were reported.

The report was made at 10:45 p.m., and the Los Angeles Police It is investigating whether the causes of the fire are related to the recorded shooting.

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