Do you use food stamps? There is already a new WIC card

People can now get their WIC card that will replace the current WIC coupons. (Archive)

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

The government food service for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) announced that since Monday, December 9, WIC food stamps have been exchanged for a debit card.

The WIC division of the California Department of Public Health announced that this will be an easier way to provide food benefits while improving the shopping experience for families; in addition to the service in the stores that offer groceries under said program.

"It is estimated that around 60,000 participants will benefit greatly from this new card," said Rebecca Rona-Tuttle, a WIC spokesperson.

"Many times people are ashamed of having to take out coupons at the counter because they identify them as low-income people," he explained.

With the new card it will be easier since this is a similar way to pay with a debit card and provides the flexibility to get just what they need on each shopping trip.

Each family will receive a WIC card for all of their family's nutritional benefits. If for any reason, the person loses, damages or steals your WIC card, you will not lose the food benefits that it entails.

It is also important to note that some items that could be purchased in the past with WIC coupons are no longer available with the card.

Families were recommended to download the “CA WIC” cellular application to access their WIC food before arriving at the cash register.

With the application, the user can verify if the item is approved by WIC and if it is a current benefit on his card.

"With the card they will feel more comfortable since it is not so obvious that they are receiving help (from the government)," Rona-Tuttle said.

In addition to the card there is also a new computer system that will modernize operations in WIC offices throughout the Golden State with a new WIC WISE (Web Information System Exchange) computer system.

How to check your credit?

You will be able to check the balance of the card in several ways. You can use the WIC application on your cell phone, see your remaining credit on your purchase receipt or you can ask the store cashier to print a paper with the remaining amount.

You can also do it by phone by dialing the number that appears on your card 1 (844) 469-3264.
Rona-Tuttle said that by providing this new, more discreet and friendly system, they expect more needy people to be willing to require the service.

Those interested in seeing if they qualify for WIC call (310) 661-3080 or visit:


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