(Partner Article) Your decision is made, you will realize your dream of coming to live and work in California.

Expatriation is not to be taken lightly, it will irreversibly upset your life and those of your loved ones … Settling in a foreign country whose codes and language are not mastered, is therefore prepared with meticulousness.

California Expat gives all the steps, benchmarks and solutions to effectively guide and advise future expatriates in the organization of their departure, and in the steps related to their personal and family installation in California.

Who is California Expat?

Sabine and Olivier Negrel are a French expatriate couple in Southern California with their three children. After 26 years of career as an executive at a major French bank, they put their management, organizational and consulting skills to clients, such as banking, finance and insurance, to create their own company: California Expat.

After moving many times during their careers and being themselves now expatriates in California, the idea of ​​creating California Expat has come to the conclusion that the organization of a departure in expatriation to more than 9.000Km is particularly complex, stressful, and that the obstacles are numerous to the installation in unknown ground.

Why do you need California Expat?

The difficulties are many and they should not be underestimated, the logistics linked to departure and even more to the procedures related to the arrival. Being isolated far from family and friends, facing the language barrier, having a lack of knowledge of local governments, the health system, the banking system or school are some examples.

Cultural differences also slow down the installation of new expatriates and make their task even more difficult.

The goal of California Expat is to help future expatriates by guiding them step by step in their steps, explaining to them what to do, how and when to do it, and to be the link between European cultures and US.

What services are offered?

When a future expatriate has validated a professional project and engaged the steps related to obtaining his Visa, California Expat will intervene on the part related to the organization of the departure and the family installation.

California Expat is aimed as much at private investors seeking expatriation as at existing companies and relocating Francophone collaborators in California.

Its services start several months before departure and continue several months after arrival in California, with:

– regular Skype follow-up and support sessions
-a constant follow-up by e-mail
-a chronology of the steps to follow
-a personalized check-list for the departure and one for the arrival
-an e-guide in 22 steps to leave without stress and forget anything important
-and 10 complete and detailed e-guides on all installation procedures on arrival, on the following topics:

      1. To complete the preliminary and indispensable formalities
      2. Search for accommodation and build your rental application
      3. Find the right school and register your child
      4. Pass your California driver's license
      5. Buy, finance and insure your vehicle
      6. Open your bank account and understand the credit history
      7. Understand and choose your health insurance
      8. Subscribe to your home subscriptions
      9. Facilitate its integration into everyday life
      10. Understand the tax system

How do they work?

California Expat proposes a unique formula of personalized advice and accompaniment at a distance. The goal is not to do the expatriate's job but to guide him effectively, give him the steps, the timing and the solutions, and provide him with all the tools he needs.

California Expat provides follow-up and psychological support to enable clients to take each step successfully, and put their network of partners at their disposal if necessary. If the professional project is not yet well defined, California Expat connects expatriate candidates with an immigration visa specialist.

Putting his experience and skills at the service of his clients, California Expat allows them to focus on the well-being of their family, on their professional start-up, and saves them time and money!

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