(Partner Article) Expat status is not always advantageous when considering investing in real estate. Theinvestment for expatriate is subject to a lot of prejudices and difficulties related to distance, lack of information on the real estate market, jet lag …

These difficulties must nevertheless be overcome, as real estate investment has many long-term benefits for tax residents and expatriates alike. For an overview of the subject, here is some more information to know how to invest in rental real estate as an expatriate:

Reasons to invest in real estate for expatriates

Real estate is one of the safest and most profitable investments for expatriates and residents. Compared to other types of investments (passbook A, life insurance, shares, etc.), thereal estate investment for expatriate is the most profitable and the most successful in the long run. Its profitability has remained high for almost 20 years now and its volatility has weakened considerably. Rental investment This remains a safe bet that must be enjoyed even during the time of expatriation.

Today, invest in real estate as an expatriate is ideal because the sector is currently very dynamic. Borrowing rates have been historically low in recent years, and even if they have risen, they are still low and close to 1.3% over 15 years, 1.5% over 20 years. Thanks to this investment, you can anticipate your retirement over 20 years, pass on your property to your children or benefit from a favorable tax.

Rental investment for expatriatesReal estate acquisition methods within reach of an expatriate

To overcome the problems of distance, the expatriate has several means of acquiring a property. Theinvestment for expatriate is possible from real estate agencies whose strike force is growing in recent years. Some agencies specialize for this purpose in the expatriate clientele and offer services adapted to it.

No need to visit the property to buy to ensure its condition, realtors frequently write reports for their clients. They also ensure rental management of the property through the search for tenants and the maintenance of the property. In addition to real estate agencies, therental investment of expatriates and non-residents is made possible by the real estate hunters. Some of them specifically target expatriates and offer them services similar to those of real estate agents except the rental management of the property or the procedures for obtaining a loan.

Investment-Locatif.com offers you a turnkey solution: the company ensures the search for a property, renovates it, its decorators take care of furnishing and decoration, and finally, it insures the rent-management. It proposes a project adapted to your budget and your desires.

Feel free to contact them to tell them about your project.

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