Diplomatic personnel, among the passengers; Ontario, California municipal airport officials prepare to receive them

By coronavirus, 240 Americans were repatriated from Wuhan; they will arrive in the Los Angeles area

Passengers at Los Angeles, California airport, monitored for coronavirus infection.

MARK RALSTON / AFP / Getty Images

As a protection measure, the United States will repatriate about 240 peopleincluding 9 minors, as reported by the Health authorities. Americans will be transferred By plane since Wuhan, China, and are expected to arrive this Wednesday to the Ontario airport, in California.

Before the alert for the effects of coronavirus In that Chinese town, passengers will be subject to scans Y medical evaluations To make sure that have not been infected.

Among the US citizens who are on the passenger list, there are members of the diplomatic staff from U.S, their family members and other people, including 9 children.

They will all be evaluated before boarding the plane in China, and they will be examined again in the scale what will the plane do in Anchorage, Alaska. "None of the passengers, if they show symptoms of the disease, will be brought to the United States," he said. David Wert, county official Saint Bernardine.

The flight is scheduled for land in Ontario this Wednesday January 29. Upon arrival, passengers will be received at restricted areas from the airport, so they will not be in contact with terminals or public areas. In addition, they will remain monitored up to 2 weeks.

So far, more than 4,500 cases of coronavirus since the disease was discovered in Wuhan, China. More of 100 people have died. In U.S have been confirmed 5 cases of contagion, including one in Los Angeles and one in the orange county.

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