Sandra Rafaelli received $ 25,000 to continue her efforts through the aZul for Better Living Inc.

A beer company awarded Sandra Raffaelli as Leader of the Year and celebrated with her, her family, friends and local leaders her work with the special needs community.

The objective of the event, which was held at a recognized hotel in West Palm Beach, was for Coors Light to present a $ 25,000 prize to the nonprofit organization of Raffaelli called aZul for Better Living Inc., which offers assistance to people with developmental disabilities through training in fashion design, industrial design and arts to help improve individual and financial independence skills.

Raffaelli's passion to serve his community brings together adults with disabilities and their caregivers, families and volunteers to be part of their various skill development programs, according to the company.

"Our programs focus on using fashion and art design to achieve financial independence, inclusion, self-defense, and artistic recognition for adults with unique abilities," Raffaelli said. “Being named 2019 Coors Light Leader of the Year is an enriching experience for me and for everyone around me. I am grateful to have participated in a program that highlights, supports and energizes the work of Latino leaders in the country. ”

The beer company program encourages people to face challenges and explore new opportunities. The more than 170 Latino leaders chosen as finalists over the years continue their successes making a difference by empowering their communities, the company said in a press release.

"We are proud to recognize Sandra's commitment to change lives through the innovative programs of her nonprofit organization," said Alberto Senior, director of community affairs for the company. "She embodies the character and determination to serve others as well as the other individuals who are nominated each year for the Leaders program."

Since 2006, the Coors Light Leaders program has recognized the achievements of emerging Latino leaders through an online voting competition, a national advertising campaign and a significant community outreach.

Raffaelli was one of 12 Latino leaders nominated by local and national nonprofit organizations in 2019 for their leadership and contributions to their communities.


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