They ask that the undocumented be included in the economic relief for COVID-19

Faced with the impossibility of parading and demonstrating in the streets due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, this May Day, world day of celebration of work, the Angelenos thanked with applause and batons the workers who have not stopped working, even at the risk of their own lives, while most people remain at home.

But they also demanded that undocumented essential workers be included in unemployment benefits and economic stimuli.

The May Day Coalition, led by dozens of organizations such as the Coalition for the Rights of Immigrants (CHIRLA) launched a campaign of appreciation and solidarity for workers in hospitals, supermarkets, agricultural fields, warehouses and restaurants that were left out of the package of economic bailout approved by Congress in late March.

The farmers considered essential, ask to be included in the benefits. (Courtesy UFW).

The theme of this Labor Day was "we are all essential workers"

"Now that we face this pandemic, we must applaud and protect each and every essential worker regardless of whether they have papers or not.”Said Angélica Salas, leader of the Coalition for the Rights of Immigrants (CHIRLA).

He affirmed that it is not enough to thank those who, with their courage, arms, and hard work, take this great nation forward.

"We must ensure their future with protections and legislation, because they are the pillar of our well-being. On this May Day, we commit ourselves to respect them and to continue fighting for their rights because it is right and necessary. ”

The May Day Coalition's campaign to honor workers promoted that at six o'clock in the afternoon on Labor Day, Angelenos went out to their windows and balconies to applaud them for two minutes and 20 seconds.

They also invited recognized people from the community to post thank-you videos on their social networks with the tags: #DiaDelTrabajador and #PorraDeTrabajadores.

We are all essential

Victor Narro, a professor at the Center for Labor Studies and the University of California Los Angeles School of Law (UCLA), said that on the twentieth anniversary of the mass marches in Los Angeles, all workers are essential.

"We applaud, thank and acknowledge all workers as essential, and agricultural workers who continue to collect the food we need to feed ourselves."

But he also paid tribute to all day laborers and domestic workers; cleaning workers; to those of the hotels; nurses, doctors, and other health workers; the seamstresses and seamstresses who are making the coronavirus protection masks, who – he said – are paid less than the minimum wage.

He applauded and thanked all the workers, regardless of their immigration status.

The Labor Day Coalition urged Californians to sign a petition addressed to Governor Gavin Newsom and state leaders to ask for financial relief for undocumented Californians, who have lost their job due to the COVID-19 crisis, but are excluded from unemployment. They request the creation of a permanent income replacement program that would operate similarly to unemployment insurance.

You can find the petition here:

Newspaper director The opinionGabriel Lerner said in a video that in these times of the coronavirus, workers are crucial for the country to move forward, which is why he said that Congress should recognize them and include them in emergency funds. "On behalf of the entire team of The opinion, my appreciation, congratulations and applause ”.


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