(Article partner) Isabelle Guglielmi is the creator of the site AmerikSanté and the ally of expatriate women in the United States who want to care for their families conscientiously.

Married with four children, she has lived in suburban Kansas City for five years, having lived in San Francisco Bay for nearly three years. She is a doctor in pharmacy and studied in Lyon. At the end of his 6th year, she goes to Bale (Switzerland) to do her internship in a large pharmaceutical group. The call of the stranger will not leave her. She quickly followed by a stay in Morocco for 18 months, then three and a half years in Taiwan with a visit to Grenoble for three years.

In 2008, Isabelle Guglielmi and her husband, accompanied by their children, arrive in San Francisco Bay. Settling into her American life, she quickly understands that the health system has nothing to do with France. Like everyone else, she realizes how difficult it is to find her bearings: the cost of services and medications, the deductible of health insurance, the equivalence of drugs are all facts she was not prepared for.

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The birth of AmerikHealth

After the shock of the arrival, she decided to create at first, a health blog in the United States, to decrypt and explain the health system in the United States: AmerikSanté is born. At the same time, attracted by natural and alternative medicine, Isabelle Guglielmi is passing a certificate in aromatherapy in the United States. This training complements its pharmaceutical skills and allows it to offer alternatives to conventional medicines on the American market.

AmerikSanté is therefore a health site in French, resolutely turned towards the American market to help French-speakers living in the United States.

What AmerikSanté offers:

– The space Automedication

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Isabelle Guglielmi has compiled a member area Automédication unedited, gathering nearly 80 cards to help you in your daily life: each sheet takes a symptom and offers translations and practical solutions, as well as pharmaceutical advice.

  • Advice cards by pathology (cold, cough, diarrhea, constipation, migraine, heavy legs, allergies, conjunctivitis etc.).
  • Over the counter medication sheets organized by therapeutic classes.
  • An entire chapter on the differences between the French and American vaccine calendars.
  • A child space.

The subscription costs only 95 € for an unlimited duration. Its membership also offers the possibility of an unlimited dialogue by email.

– New Arrivals packages

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In addition, it offers personalized services in the form of packages, specially designed for new arrivals, with Skype meetings and exclusive documents in French. It provides concrete information on the organization of the health system, makes a point before leaving (assessment of vaccinations, research of drug equivalence in case of treatment) and puts forward the main terms to understand his health insurance.

Access to the self-medication area is included free of charge in this package.

This allows customers to engage in real dialogue and have quick answers to their questions. Thanks to these packages, her clients feel prepared before leaving and more easily gain a foothold in their new life.

For readers of French Morning, the New Arrivant Package – Arrival smoothly is at 295 € instead of 395 €

AmerikSanté, it is also various solutions to live in the best his expatriation:


  • a SOS Formula to answer your questions and provide you with timely health advice with quick solutions to a situation that escapes you.

To know more:

Contact Isabelle Guglielmi

Contact : (Email protected)

Creator of the site AmerikSanté and editor of the site From Side 2 Side

AmerikHealth Facebook

Twitter: @AmerikSante


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