Confirm that there was no damage from the 3.6 degree earthquake, recorded in Granada Hills

After trembling in Los Angeles, they call to prepare in case of emergency. Here we tell you how

It is recommended to have an emergency backpack or bag on hand, which includes, among other things, water and food reserves.

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As we reported yesterday, a tremor from 3.6 degrees he registered on Tuesday night in Granada Hills, California, and felt in entire Los Angeles area, according to Geological Service from U.S (USGS). After the earthquake, the departments of Firefighters and of the Police they followed the protocol from monitoring, Making a overhaul Y by land throughout the county, and confirmed that there was no major damage.

However, the authorities make a called to the entire population of the southern California for be prepared in case a major earthquake It could occur in the area. "Either a tremor, or any other type of emergency or disaster, being prepared could make a difference when they occur, ”the Police Department said on its Twitter account.

To do this, they advise you to prepare and have at hand, near the entrance of your house, a backpack or emergency bag, in which you include the following elements:

  • Water: if possible, one gallon per person or pet
  • Food: non-perishable products, such as granola bars, cookies or canned food (don't forget the can opener). If you have babies, formula; if you have pets, animal feed
  • Radio: a battery radio or manual radio. Remember that in case of emergency the electricity service can be interrupted, so you may not be able to connect your cell phone or electrical devices. A radio will allow you to be informed about the measures that the authorities recommend to be safe.
  • Lantern: a hand lamp, also with batteries ready for use.
  • Whistle: This will help you ask for help in case you need to ask for help if you get caught.
  • Hygiene items, toilet paper, sanitary napkins
  • Hammer or tools that can help you if necessary.
  • Local maps
  • A blanket, blanket or sleeping bag
  • A change of clothes
  • Emergency medications and a stock of medicines in case someone is at home who is being treated.

Remember to also have your important documents and a reserve of cash. This can help you a lot in case of a disaster or emergency.

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