An original piece of the Berlin Wall, which German citizens sent to the White House – where it was rejected – now "needs a home that we hope to find between Tijuana and Los Angeles," he told The opinion Sergio Alcocer, one of those in charge of transporting the piece.

“We need a place where the public can see it because it is a historical piece. We would like it to be Tijuana (Mexico) because of the history it has with the walls, but we have also thought that it could be in Los Angeles because of the number of people who could appreciate it“, Said the businessman from Texas.

Sergio Alcocer is one of those in charge of transporting the piece.

The stone block was delivered on November 9 at the White House, at the same time that the wall began to collapse 30 years ago, placed in Berlin in 1961 and which separated Germany in two until 1989. The objective, indicate, was to commemorate the historical event of the fall of this division with President Donald Trump.

Sculpted with a chisel, a letter addressed to the US president was expressed along the wall. The letter indicates that “For decades, the United States played an important role in tearing down this wall. From John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan, US presidents fought (for that). ”

"We would like to give you one of the last pieces of the failed Berlin wall to commemorate the dedication of the United States in building a world without walls", indicates the carved message that was written by a German civil group on behalf of the Berlin Wall Foundation.

When the letter-wall failed to cross the White House, “the piece was taken on a tour with stops at historic sites in the capital (of the US), where people took the opportunity to take photos and selfies,” said Marcos Cline Márquez, another of those in charge of moving the piece and who points out in social networks that “the walls do not work” under the hashtag #thewallagainstwalls (The wall against the walls).

The message it carries makes clear that the walls always fail.

Subsequently, the organization that brought it from Germany decided that the wall section would travel thousands of miles to the San Diego border with Tijuana, where the first border wall was erected 25 years ago.

Cline Márquez and Alcocer, from the Rest of the World (Austin) company, are now in charge of finding a home for this historic piece.

“It is not only historical, but commemorative. The United States was fundamental for the fall of the Berlin Wall. ” Alcocer explained.

The piece, about 12 feet high and 2.7 tons in weight, may not remain unpopulated in that area of ​​the California border as it lacks permission to settle on federal land.

The presentation to the press had no limitations by the Border Patrol. However, according to Alcocer, this area in San Ysidro is also not ideal for installation since it is a remote area where visitors rarely arrive. They added that it is almost impossible to see it from the Mexican side of the border, which has a double intermediate border fence and a high-speed highway.

"Our mission now is to take it to an ideal place, which would be between Tijuana and Los Angeles," Alcocer said.

Marcos Cline Márquez says that many people were encouraged to portray themselves with a stretch of the Berlin Wall.


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