Her daughter assumes that her mother was infected by doing her housekeeping duties on the hospital premises, however, there are those who do not believe that she died from COVID-19

A 67-year-old Hispanic woman who worked 25 years at the Riverside Community Hospital died of the coronavirus

Mrs. Rosa with part of her family.

Dora Velazquez / Courtesy

Rosa Luna, a 67-year-old Mexican immigrant nationalized as an American, worked for 25 years at Riverside Community Hospital as house keeping, however, at the end of April being at work he felt very bad and went home early.

Mrs. Rosa Luna. Photo courtesy: Dora Velazquez.

That day Rosa had gone to work as he normally did and stayed at least half a shift in the hospital before telling his boss that he was leaving. "My mother left the house well and came back feeling very bad”Said his daughter Dora Velazquez in an interview.

The day April 26 the results of the screening test the coronavirus confirmed that mrs. Rosa was infected with the disease. Despite the fact that she did not have a fever or a cough, Rosa had a headache and pain in her nose. And in a matter of days he lost his sense of smell, in addition to presenting diarrhea. "I didn't want to eat anything, I was on a liquid diet"Assured his daughter.

Photo courtesy: Dora Velazquez.

The main job of the 67-year-old woman in the hospital was to completely disinfect the rooms once the patients who occupied it were discharged. "At the hospital everyone said that she was the best at doing it and always gave her the jobs that required a deeper cleaningDora assured.

"They did a test at the hospital and it came back positive. We sought a second opinion with his doctor and they did the tests again that confirmed that he had the virus.Dora said.

Mrs. Rosa suffered from diabetes but the disease was controlled by following a natural diet. "Sugar never rose more than 115Dora said. "She was the healthiest of us all"He added.

Her daughter presumes that her mother contracted the disease in the hospital.

Workplace background

Dora stated that his mother had told him that two of his classmates had presented symptoms and they were quarantined before symptoms occurred, however, not all department employees were screened for the virus.

"I think they should have done the test to everyone since then", insurance carrier. According to information obtained, Mrs. Rosa I only received a conventional mask and not an N95 mask despite the dangerous work he was doing in the hospital.

Dora told us that she is aware that the union of workers is fighting so that all the employees of the department of which his mother was part receive the appropriate protective equipment.

Photo courtesy: Dora Velazquez.

They create a campaign to collect funds

Mrs. Rosa's family is currently collecting funds to cover her mother's funeral expenses.

In addition, her daughter said she is preparing for a dispute with the hospital over her mother's life insurance. "I'm waiting for my mother's death certificate, but the hospital doesn't want to recognize death as a work-related cause", he claimed.

In addition, Dora assured that the CEO of the hospital has asked her to sign some documents but she is suspicious of the content and said that:will not sign anything until the life insurance dispute is cleared" As he understands, the documents would have something to do with financial funds.

Quarantine at home

Dora and her children ended the preventive quarantine period on the day of today Tuesday May 19 without presenting symptoms.

Photo courtesy: Dora Velazquez.

Dora assured that there are people who do not believe that his mother died of the disease.


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