(Partner Article) The French love America. It's not French Morning that will tell you the opposite, nor the 1.7 million French tourists who visit the United States each year (nearly half in New York). But they also like their health insurance, which does not cross the Atlantic with them. This is where it gets complicated.

We will not argue here where the best health system in the world is, but one thing is certain: the most expensive is in the United States. A quick tour on the internet forums is enough for you to discover dozens of horror stories where family vacations in the US end with bills of hundreds of thousands of dollars in hospitalization fees.

American insurance

Only US travel insurance, purchased at the time of booking the trip, allows you to receive care in the United States without having to take out the credit card. In the absence of such insurance, the money will come out of your pocket.

By choosing US insurance, you benefit from contracts that most often belong to the Preferred Provider Network (PPO) category, which means that if the care is provided by a doctor or hospital recognized by the insurance, you have little or no money at all to get out of your pocket.

More than a health insurance

When you search, choose insurance that gives you complete coverage, beyond health, including flight changes and cancellations, baggage loss, passport loss or theft, repatriation and entry ban at the US border ( it happens!).

If you are adventurous -or downright daring, that is to say that you plan to do more than hiking or swimming, do not forget to subscribe a supplement "dangerous sports", which covers the skiing, "zipline", paragliding, etc. For usually a dollar a day, you will travel well covered!

VisitorsCoverage is a site that simplifies the comparison and purchase of travel insurance. Whether you're traveling abroad, or planning a family visit, you can get a quote, compare plans and find the right health and travel insurance in five minutes or less.

The site of VisitorsCoverage

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