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(Partner Article) The rooms of the trendy Molitor Hotel or those of La Clef Champs-Elysées, the latest luxury hotel in Paris, bear its signature. For a good decade, Jean-Philippe Nuel has been the interior designer that hotels – and others – are snapping up in Paris and Europe.

In New York, he has just teamed up with Decopostale, an interior design agency, to create Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel & Partners, managed by Sandy Despres Stevens, co-founder and CEO of Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel & Partners.

From a Paris boutique hotel to major international companies

Jean-Philippe Nuel, training architect, launched his agency in Paris more than 25 years ago. Before turning 30, he created his first boutique hotel. Then everything comes together: the boutique-hotels in Paris, then the big international chains such as Accor, Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental … who quickly call on him for their brands of luxury hotels and lifestyle.

The playground is wide and diversified: in addition to the actual hotels, the firm already realizes restaurants, often for great chefs, bars, rooftops, spas operated by luxury brands, gyms but also coworking spaces.

"This legitimacy in hotels has led us to be solicited on other professions such as the development of office space where work is reinvented around living spaces and exchanges, the renovation of major sports facilities or the realization of flagships brands that have the ambition to go beyond their primary function to become places of communication, exchange with customers "explains Sandy Despres Stevens.

A creative and experiential approach

Because there is all the added value of a commercial space developed by Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel & Partners: the place becomes the theater of a real experience for the customer.

"Our ambition is to tell for each project a unique story that feeds on the spirit of the place and the DNA of our client. The place, its environment, its history must give the project its meaning beyond the aesthetic dimension "continues Sandy Despres Stevens. "Whether it's a hotel brand, a brand retail or a company, the identity of the brand, its mission, its values ​​are always the thread of our design ".

The creation of each project is therefore an alchemy that allows architects to create unique and tailor-made experiences, a kind of magic that makes the customer remember the place or the brand.

One of the last born projects Nuel is the hotel La Clé Champs-Elysees in Paris, former mansion Hennessy Group now converted into a 5-star hotel. "Our goal was to allow foreign tourists to live Paris like a Parisian and discover the French way of life" entrusts Sandy Despres Stevens. "Each room has been conceived as a Haussmanian apartment with parquet floor, moldings and antique fireplace". The cabinet has even gone further, by installing a perfume bar in the lobby, thus creating a link between the professions of the hotel and restaurant industry. retail. "The customers have fun with the smells, create and leave with a personalized memory".

By moving to New York, the architects want to bring some of this French Touch across the Atlantic. "Our aim is to offer our customers an equivalent quality of service in all the countries where we operate and to preserve our human size, fundamental element of our creativity, note Sandy Despres Stevens. Having a team in New York allows proximity to customers and a true knowledge of the particularities of the American market. Our local team is made up of American architects who allow us to develop and execute projects according to local rules and procedures. "

The idea is to support more effectively the brands wanting to develop in the United States, offering them both the French Touch as sought, and a real capacity of local execution: layout of workspaces, creation of shops, restaurants, SPA or others.

Contact Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel & Partners to discuss your projects in New York.

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